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Sam wrote:I had a question that’s been bugging me a lot lately. I know that people can be in whatever relationship they want and all that.

But monogamy has always been important for me. The problem is that I keep hearing people say things about how hard monogamy is and how you can’t expect a partner to want you that much or whatever. But I’ve found a lot of freedom in knowing that whatever happens, my partner is focused on me in that area of our lives. It also used to give me a feeling of safety and self confidence. Like I’ve been sick and don’t feel as much pressure because I can’t have sex, or I know that if my partner did anything behind my back they would have just broken up with me so the fact that they’re still there is proof that everything is okay.

Last year that changed a lot because I was in a relationship with someone who slowly started to push back on how I felt and even our relationships boundaries. This eventually reached the point of them gaslighting me about our relationship and trying to get me to let them sleep with other people. Now I’m always a little on edge because I know that even someone who says “I love you,” and I was communicating really well with was still abusive and really tried to make me feel bad for wanting an exclusive relationship. And I feel really stressed out when I heard people drag monogamy so much and feel like any relationship I’m in, my partner will just start to push against our boundaries. Especially since I can have issues with sex and confirmed related to trauma. The worst thing would be cheating obviously, but even thinking about that makes me really stressed out.

How do you think I can build a sense of safety inside a relationship or when I’m single, and how should I go about making clear how important monogamy is to me and how freeing and even sexy I find it? And how can I stop feeling bad or like I’m naive for wanting a monogamous relationship? I know relationships end and that’s okay, but while it’s going I want it to be free of little digs or power imbalances or endless pressure to perform.

Liz says: Ignore everyone else. Who cares what they believe about monogamy? Unless you are in a romantic relationship with them, their opinions don’t matter.

Monogamy is important to you, and that’s what matters. There are millions of women who also value monogamy and want what you do in a relationship. If you’re somehow getting the impression that polyamory or open relationships are the norm now, you’re mistaken. Since this concern gives you anxiety, I do wonder if there is something deeper going on with you emotionally. Perhaps finding a therapist who specializes in abandonment issues, or abusive relationships (or whatever it is you might have been traumatized by) would do you a lot of good.

Meanwhile, prioritize this concern right away with whomever you date. Not in a smothering way, but gently bring up the topic of monogamy in long-term couplings and see where the conversation goes. You can learn a lot before getting emotionally invested. Honesty and setting clear boundaries is how you can build a sense of safety inside a relationship.




My essay below was originally published on a few years ago, (to update the story, my husband Terry and I have been married 7 years now), and I’m proud to say everything I wrote here applies as much today as it did when it was first written!

When I first sat down to pen this piece, I questioned whether I have any right to write this since my hubby and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this October. “Does someone who is barely out of newlywed territory get to tell the rest of us how she keeps the romance alive?”, you might ask. Maybe not, but I will anyway.

We don’t treat each other like brother and sister. Many couples become so comfortable with each other they begin to behave more like bratty siblings than mature lovers. She stops shaving her legs or wearing that sexy dress he loves, he laughs maniacally while passing gas in her face. She starts burping aloud at the dinner table, they start going Number 2 in front of each other. My husband and I care about remaining attractive to each other. Whenever the dynamic in a romantic relationship becomes more familial, as in more like parent/child or brother/sister, sex appeal and sex usually go out the window, because who wants to sleep with their mom or sibling? 

We are more supportive and positive than critical. Many people are petrified that the one they love will take them for granted, so they don’t freely give compliments because they mistakenly assume that making their mate feel secure in the relationship will lead to a big ego and cheating. They wind up sabotaging the relationship by being more critical than loving, because who wants to make love to someone so unloving? My hubby and I are quick to verbally note when the other does or says something wonderful, but we step back and think twice before being harshly critical. I tell my husband on a regular basis how thrilled I am that he exists in the world. He often tells me I am the best thing to happen to him. We build each other up, because we want to see the other happy and successful.

We don’t let others come between us. My husband is my priority, and I am his. That means, when other people show signs of expecting to come before my spouse, it’s my job to make it clear that they don’t. If someone else tries attaching themselves to one of us, it’s our job to safeguard our relationship by keeping each other prioritized and never acting in a way that dismisses the other’s feelings. 

We show each other physical affection every day. There isn’t a day that goes by without kisses and hugs, and we still have sex multiple times a week. Even when we’ve had a fight, we prioritize resolving the issue and we’re back to healing our connection. We often rub each other’s backs and feet while watching a movie. It’s one way to stay connected.

We balance time with each other and time with our son. Our 4 year-old is the light of our lives, and we truly enjoy being parents. But we discussed early on, before our son was even born, how crucial it is for parents to not let parenting and its inevitable stressors keep them from staying connected to each other as lovers. If we let our identities become lost in parenting and lose touch with what brought us together in the first place, we run the risk of weakening the ties that keep the romance alive. 

There are no guarantees in life. Being married doesn’t guarantee that one of us won’t fall out of love and find someone else, and knowing this keeps us from taking each other for granted. Romantic love is a garden and we can choose to either give it water and sunshine or neglect it, and too many couples mistake their vows for a guarantee that the garden will survive without water and sunshine. 


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CCD wrote: “There is this girl (let’s call her Amber) that I’ve been friends with for years now and she found out that I had a foot fetish while we were in Jr. high. Ever since then for the past 6-7 years she has been really cool about it and when we would hangout and do study sessions at her house (for our high school and now college exams) she would always ask me to massage her feet to help her relax. Apparently her mom (Michele) took notice of it and about 2 years ago when I would go over and wait for Amber to get home from her last class -which normally took about an hour an a half- Michele would take off her socks and walk around barefoot and would do her nails, only toes, by me and occasionally ask me to massage her feet. Also she would often stretch her arches and wiggle her toes once she would see me looking at them. About 9 months ago Michele started flirting with me while I’m over and has started texting me. As of 4 months ago when I’m at the house Michele she would walk around while only in her lingerie, and as of last month she walks around nude when I’m there and is always offering to have sex. I also found out that Amber wants to date me. I don’t wanna ruin our friendship and make things really weird. So I guess what I’m trying to ask is should I start a relationship with either of them? By the way I’m 19 Amber is 18 and Michele is 42.”

Liz says: I’m going to give a decidedly absolute answer to your question: no. Avoid your friend’s mom from now on, which means beginning a new routine that doesn’t include waiting around for “Amber” at her home. Her mom is bad news and there are clearly some personal issues there that drive her to compete with her teen daughter. No bueno.

I find it noteworthy that you don’t include any ownership in anything that’s going down. Your language shows a detachment from participating. For example, when “Michele” starting texting you and flirting, did you flirt back? When she “offers to have sex”, how do you respond? Have you had sex with her? When she asked you to massage her feet, did you? You also don’t include how you feel about either of them. Do you want to date Amber? Are you attracted to either of them?

If you want to maintain a positive friendship (that includes foot massages) with Amber then you need to completely disengage with her mother. That means no more flirting, texting, foot massages, hanging out alone with her at the house, etc. The chances are high that things will not end well in this scenario if you don’t make these changes.



S.C wrote: “Hey Liz, hope you’re doing great. My wife and I have been married for 6 years (although we are relatively young, in our 20’s).

For the first few years, before lovemaking (we didn’t have sex before marriage ) we would “play around” a lot, foreplay, oral, etc, and she seemed to really love it and it helped her orgasm during the deed. But for the last couple of years she really hasn’t been interested, in giving or receiving. When we are in bed together, and I know we are going to be intimate, I will make motions to pleasure her and have even asked point blank if I can go down on her and she will respond with “no, let’s just do it”. I don’t know that it’s a problem, per se, I just kind of miss the intimacy that comes with warming up and enjoying her body beyond the “wham bam”, and I’m curious why she wouldn’t miss it too. Any thoughts?”

Liz says:  Yes, my first thought is that you should ask your wife! When it’s a good time to have a serious discussion, be open and honest with her by telling her exactly what you tell me in this letter. Only she has the answers you’re looking for.

Since you were both inexperienced before you got married, there’s a good chance you’re both still learning what you enjoy sexually, even six years later. But it’s not uncommon (in young marriages especially) to have a sex life that ebbs and flows in frequency, activities, etc. Be patient with her and yourself. With honest communication things will change for the better.

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K.S. wrote: I’ve been seeing someone who’s super hot and funny but when we’re not fucking he’s so dumb that I feel ashamed for sleeping with him. I can’t talk to him without rolling my eyes at his ignorant beliefs. He thinks vaccinations are a government conspiracy, for starters, and he’s voting for the opposite politicians I’m going to vote for. But I’m still so attracted to him and I’m so confused at why. And worse, we’ve been together long enough that he complained he hasn’t met my friends but I’m embarrassed of him. I’m afraid he’ll say something crazy to my friends.”

Liz says:  Dump him as soon as possible.

Being with him is causing your self-esteem to take a hit, hence the shame you feel. Why settle for someone you want to hide instead of show off? And when physical attraction is something you can’t even fully enjoy without negative feelings encroaching on it, what’s the point?

It’s more common than you might think for people to be in this situation. We hook up with someone based on knowing little about them except that you want to ride their face, and then as you do get to know them you realize they’re not your cup of chai tea.

Sometimes it’s true that “opposites attract”, but that doesn’t mean opposites last long. Studies show the more they have in common, the longer couples last and the happier they are. Of course! It’s exhausting being with someone you struggle to understand or relate to, and the fewer reasons to bicker, the better.

Break it off and distance yourself completely. This could end on a worse note if you continue the relationship. Plus, it’s not fair to him. He should be with someone who won’t want to hide him.


S.S. wrote: “Hey Liz hope you’re doing great. I have a beard (not a full one) and my wife HATES it. She calls it ugly and frequently comments how it’s uncomfortable if I kiss her. I keep it because I have an executive position in a corporate environment where all of my coworkers and most people I interact with are much older then me and it makes me look and feel older, but mostly it’s because I have a chubby face that I’m extremely insecure about (and my body in general but that’s a whole different story) and my beard makes me hate my face less. It does seem to genuinely annoy her. Am I inconsiderate for keeping it?”

Liz says:  I can relate to her feelings, full disclosure. Facial hair can be handsome, but kissing a scruffy face *hurts*. My husband has grown facial hair off and on during our entire relationship. When he’s craving a different look he’ll simply grow it out for a bit and then he’s back to clean-shaven within a few months. Perhaps it’s because he isn’t married to the facial hair that I don’t complain about it. If he never shaved it off I would probably speak up.

I think it’s inexcusable that she calls it “ugly” though. There’s no reason to be cruel about it. It’s one thing to lovingly tell you she prefers your bare, handsome face and another thing entirely to be verbally abusive.

That said, do you think that your beard is acting as a barrier between you two? Meaning, are you subconsciously putting up a “wall” that keeps you two from expressing physical affection? Is there a part of you that’s okay with not kissing your wife as much as you would be if you were clean shaven?

Sometimes upon further reflection we realize there are deeper reasons for behavior that may seem superficial at first glance.

A lot of people alter their appearance to seem older and more experienced in the workplace. I don’t blame you; sometimes I wonder if appearing to be in my 20s is a reason why I have a harder time being taken seriously as a relationship and sex advice blogger (I’m actually 43). And if you feel like it thins out your face a bit too, that’s understandable. One reason I’ve never had short hair is because it makes my face appear rounder. However, keeping the beard comes at a significant cost. If you shave it, you won’t be fired from your job, but if you keep the beard it could push your wife away and physical affection between you two could further languish.

Really, it boils down to this: do you want to enjoy kissing your wife more often or not?

Consider the fact that it’s a good sign she complains. If she didn’t want to kiss you, she’d use your beard as an excuse but she’d compliment it so you keep it.

One of the biggest contributors to divorce, according to divorced couples, is when one spouse stops taking care of themselves, let’s themselves “go”, and gets “too comfortable”. This often happens because the spouse is taking their partner for granted, assuming their wedding vows were written in stone and that their partner will find them sexually appealing no matter what they look like or how they behave. Wearing clothes and hairstyles that the spouse finds unflattering falls under this. This may or may not be what’s happening with you, but please think about it because if this applies to you it’s not too late to turn things around.


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Brock wrote: “Hi Liz, hope you’re doing great. I am an extremely horny person and I feel the need to masturbate all the time, yet I cannot ejaculate more than once in, I say a day, but probably at least 8-12 hours. The reason this has become an issue is because I’ll typically masturbate at the first opportunity, when I get home and hop into the restroom/shower. Once in a while, my wife would approach me for sex and not being able to perform I would make some excuse to brush her off. The only time we would have sex is on weekends, and not every week. This has led to my wife feeling seriously dejected to the point of being reduced to tears at times and extreme frustration. This, combined with factors like my long work hours and a lack of quality time together, put a serious strain on our relationship. This has motivated me to stop masturbating (well it’s been about two months) and during each of the four times we had sex I “finished ” very quickly (maybe 10 minutes was the longest) and I only last as long as I do by thinking about very unsexy thoughts and with extreme effort. So far I only gave her an orgasm once, I try to keep going, or use my fingers, but she tells me it isn’t necessary, and she never lets me “finish” her beforehand with oral sex even though she loves it. She hasn’t complained, but she deserves to orgasm. Do you have any tips?”

Liz says:  Your wife wants to feel loved, sexy, and desirable, just like most people, but when you would rather masturbate most of the time than be intimate with her you send her the message that she’s not sexy and desirable. Hence the tears of frustration.

There’s nothing wrong with masturbating while in a relationship. Many people in committed relationships still occasionally pleasure themselves. But when it happens often enough that true intimacy with your partner suffers, there’s something deeper going on that is worth looking into.

Have you two tried couples counseling? I recommend you both find a sex-positive therapist who can help you two get to the bottom of your intimacy issues. For example, it’s possible you were substituting masturbation for being with your wife because putting up that wall between you two is a result of a deep fear of intimacy; you’re not just being physically distant but also emotionally distant. Plus, a good therapist could help with your tendency to prematurely ejaculate and her tendency to not orgasm.

You two need to begin an open, honest dialogue that includes your specific desires and needs. Listen to her very carefully as she tells you what to do with her body that will give her an orgasm, experiment with each other, learn what you both really find arousing, because even though you’re married I get the vibe from your letter you two are still getting to know each other sexually.

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Stan wrote: I’m a 24 year old guy who’s been with my girlfriend for 3 years. We are happy and I love her, but I have to fantasize about being with other people when we have sex. I’m attracted to her, so is it weird I can’t orgasm unless I’m imagining being with anyone other than her? I’m totally straight, I’ve never been attracted to a man ever, but one of my fantasies is that a guy is forcing me to give him a BJ. I don’t understand how that could be a turn-on when IRL I wouldn’t be turned on by that.”

Liz says: You’re pretty normal, a lot of people fantasize about things they wouldn’t actually participate in, and a lot of people fantasize about someone other than their partner.

I’m guessing you are aroused by feeling dominated. It’s actually a common fantasy for heterosexual men with submissive sexual tendencies to be turned on by imagining a man dominating them. Is your girlfriend more submissive, sexually speaking? Perhaps that’s also why you need to fantasize about others in order to orgasm.

Taboos are popular sexual fantasies. Many of us imagine taboo scenarios during sex that can be arousing in fantasy but in real life would not be arousing. Since you’re heterosexual, being involved in a homosexual act is probably very taboo to you (as being forced to perform the act would be, too). A lot of people fantasize about what they’re *not* getting in real life. And this is all because what’s actually turning you on in the fantasy is symbolic. As with your fantasy: it isn’t really the man in the scenario that turns you on, it’s the power dynamic.

Don’t worry about labeling yourself or what it all might mean, it seems like you have a healthy relationship and none of this is negatively affecting your life. You be you!




Cody wrote: I’m really into this girl I’ve been seeing for a few weeks but I’ve got this one problem with her and I don’t know if I’m being selfish or not. She has 2 cats that she allows to sleep on her bed and I’m allergic to cats. When I first spent the night with her I woke up barely able to breathe so I asked her the next time I was over if she could keep the cats off the bed and she said they are her babies. She told me to take Benadryl. A friend said someone’s pets are a package deal so get used to it. Am I rude to ask her to keep her bed fur-free for me?”

Liz says:  I don’t think it was rude for you to ask her to accommodate your allergy issue. On the contrary, I think she’s rude for expecting you to suffer. I think she’s sending a very clear message that you are not important to her.

Your request was a very simple answer to this problem. Not only is she refusing to be inconvenienced in any way for your health (and really, is it much of an inconvenience to keep a bedroom door shut?) but she expects you to take medicine (and deal with its side effects) because it’s your problem, right? This is not the behavior of a considerate person who sees a future with you.

I’m guessing that spending the night at your place and avoiding her place isn’t an option, otherwise that would be another simple solution. But even if you could do that, it doesn’t behoove you to ignore a Red Flag that she’s a selfish person who won’t consider your needs more important than Fluffy’s need to nap on her bed. I’m a cat lover, so I understand why she lets her cats nap on her bed, but I also understand that if she was into you she would prioritize your needs in this situation.

Waking up “barely able to breathe” is serious enough that if I were you, I would find someone who doesn’t have any cats.