The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Anonymous asked: This is going to sound complicated. I have 5 half sisters in another country who live with my father and his wife. His wife and my half siblings don’t know I exist. One of their kids is older than me (21-22 – I’m 19). He was with his wife and then left her while she was pregnant, was with my mother for 3 years & left when she got pregnant & went back to his ex (current wife). The rest are 18 & younger. I really want them to know about me because I hate being his secret, should I contact them?”

Liz says: I can understand why you want to reach out, so if you do, only contact the sibling who is older than you. She is an adult and better able to handle the shocker you’re about to let her in on.

Brace yourself for all possible outcomes, because you don’t know how your sibling will respond to the news that her father had a child with another woman and never told her or her sisters.

You shouldn’t have to live as anyone’s “secret”. You are not something shameful to be hidden away, you are a human being deserving of love.

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