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I dumped a boyfriend right before Valentine’s Day once. He had already ruined the previous year’s V Day by not noticing my new hair. I had gotten my hair freshly cut and colored that week in an effort to modernize my languishing hairstyle, and thought ‘What better time to surprise him with my new look than on the most romantic day of the year?’ Some chicks put ridiculously high expectations on their men to wine and dine them on this day, but I simply expected him to notice me.

We were together for an hour, without him so much as having a clue that my look went from night to day. It’s not like I had only trimmed some new layers into my ‘do and expected him to notice a minor difference. My appearance had so drastically changed that it would be like someone not realizing the weather went from sunny and hot to freezing and snowy. Allow me to use these lovely celebrities to illustrate to you how much my hair changed:

Scar JoZoey D

After an hour of waiting for him to notice, as we lounged in his apartment talking about our dinner plans, my disappointment led to sadness and I finally exclaimed “I can’t believe you didn’t notice my hair…” He looked at me in shock. He apologized, but the damage was done. His apparent lack of appreciating my physical appearance made me feel incredibly unsexy. The mood was killed. He had a tendency toward being self-absorbed, and this just took the fucking cake.

Anyway, I managed to sweep that under the rug and move past it, but when other events later pointed me toward the Exit sign, I dumped him before the next year’s Valentine’s Day. It’s better to be single than with someone who’s wrong for you.

Happy Ending: dumping Mr. Self-Absorbed paved the way for me to meet the man who’s right for me, my husband Terry, a man who doesn’t wait until V Day to surprise me with romantic plans, and would never in a million years not notice me, new hairdo or not. Here we are on our wedding day in Joshua Tree Natl Park, October 2, 2011.

Our Wedding B&W

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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