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Liz LaPoint

video thumbnail 4/22/15

video thumbnail 4/22/15

5 thoughts on “Help! His Penis Is Too Big!

  1. michael says:

    thanks Liz great advice ..unfortunatley the latter turned out to be true…just hoping that with massage and foreplay and some of the other great tips in these videos,a future partner will be ok with a small size …not easy but gotta keep trying lol …thanks…Mike

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    1. There are a lot of women who prefer a smaller penis, contrary to popular opinion that women only like large ones. Good luck and thanks for sharing, Michael!


      1. michael says:

        Thanks so much Liz!…sorry I think I posted on YouTube comments instead…

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  2. michael says:

    Hi great question is what if the opposite is the case?..My partner feels I’m too small for’s something that I always struggle with …Thanks..


    1. Become excellent at giving oral sex! If you can give her pleasure that way, then whether or not you can hit her G Spot (hopefully) won’t matter when you’re having intercourse.
      If you haven’t already, watch this vid I made that might help you in the oral sex department:

      But if you can get her off with oral sex and she still seems unhappy, you two might just be incompatible. Being physically and sexually compatible is important. Whether it’s because you need a partner who loves anal sex or has smaller breasts, sometimes we just need to find someone better suited for us 😉


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