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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Greetings, Everyone!

My weekly Hump Day video is up, so please check it out and share your dating deal-breakers in the comments section below the video 😉

This is a fun topic, because what is a deal-breaker to one person is the next person’s deal-sealer.

Tammy Sue McGoo: “I stopped seeing him as soon as he said he loved sci-fi movies. Nerd alert!”

Tammy Sue’s coworker Ann: “Really? I’d much rather have a boyfriend who’s into sci-fi movies than sports. Brains before brawn for me, any day.”

But there are all sorts of relationship warning signs (AKA Red Flags) that are pretty generally applicable. Some are more subtle than others, and those are the ones I focus on for this video.

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Liz LaPoint

Video Thumbnail 5/27/15

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