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D. S. asks: “Hello. My friend who I have made online is having problems with their abusive and unsafe family setting. I would like to help them, but it is difficult because they refuse to “turn in” their mother. Please help me in what I need to do. It is almost impossible to get them to change their mind so outside help is most likely needed.”

Liz says: You’re not giving me much to go with here! You provide no details that could help me help you. How old is your friend? What is happening in their home that leads you to believe there is abuse? Has your friend asked you for help?

If your friend is under 18, you can call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline and speak with counselors who can give you specific advice. If your friend is over 18, he or she needs to plan on moving out of the abusive home ASAP, and perhaps get personal counseling.

Hopefully, your friend gets the help he or she needs if they are truly living in a toxic, unsafe home environment. It sounds like you are the friend they need right now.

Good luck!

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