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Hello, Friends!

This week’s video is about a topic that’s often debated: what constitutes cheating? The letter-writer wonders if having a sext mate makes him a cheater.

It’s interesting that studies have shown that a man is more unable to forgive his woman for having a sexual relationship with another man, whereas women are less likely to forgive their men for having an emotional relationship with another woman. In other words, chicks are more forgiving of a sexual hook-up because they can write it off as petty: “She’s just a whore; I’m the one he loves.” Men are more forgiving of emotional affairs, because as long as their woman isn’t sharing her body with someone else, he feels she has been more loyal. There are exceptions, of course, but I find the differences fascinating, from a psychological POV.

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Happy Hump Day!

Liz LaPoint

Video Thumbnail 6/17/15

2 thoughts on “Girlfriend + Sext Mate = Cheating?

  1. Hi, Liz! I left a comment on YouTube about this situation, but I’d like to repeat it here. I think he’s cheating. And if he’s into sex a lot more than she is he just may have to face the fact that he and she may need to move on. There’s no shame in moving on; but to stay in a relationship where sex is an issue would be a shame. He needs someone else; and she needs someone else. That’s my take.

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    1. I agree, Guy! It’s more probable that this is something that signifies that they’re wrong for each other.


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