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Hi Everyone!

Today’s video was inspired in equal parts by my own curiosity and by the men with foot fetishes that have commented on my bare feet in some of the modeling I’ve done. I wasn’t even aware of how often my nude feet were displayed until a few guys asked for personal pics of my feet after declaring them sexy.

While studying psychology in college I delved further into learning about paraphilias on my personal time because I found them fascinating. As a student of human behavior and the human mind, everything humans do is fascinating, but there’s something particularly interesting about the ways in which we are unique, the things that make you or I different from the “norm”. I’ve since come to understand why some fetishes develop, but one that I hadn’t researched happens to be one of the most common.

For a long time, the theories put forth to explain a fetish for feet were all psychological/environmental. Recently, however, a neuroscientist named Dr. Ramachandran made a connection while studying foot amputees who had Phantom Limb Syndrome, and his theory might be the best explanation so far.

Do you have a particular sexual fondness for feet? I would love to hear any insight you might have.

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Liz LaPoint

PS: My husband created a blooper reel for the end of the video, so stay tuned until the end!

Vid Thumbnail 7/22/15

10 thoughts on “Why Do Some Guys Have Foot Fetishes?

  1. Michael says:

    Great video and post Liz. I also saw you’re other video on foot fetish on YouTube. and that was well done.
    I have always loved women’s feet and it’s something I was born with. You’re right to say that it comes from the way that you are wired. It’s the way that the brain operates and what your into is completely normal. I don’t just love feet. I love butts and breasts. I have also been judged by people during my life for having my foot fetish and I have finally embraced it. I really appreciate the content that you post on your blog.

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    1. Thank you for watching and sharing your story!


  2. John says:

    I myself am a foot worshipper. Nothing I love more than a barefooted beauty. I do enjoy having my wife’s feet involved in our sex life. I think their are more men out there like me but yes I agree it may seem kind of kinky . But have you ever noticed that in all the Viagra commercials all the actresses are barefooted? It must be some type of subliminal eroticism or just a tease . I do not know. Oh and by the way Liz you have very sexy feet:)

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  3. T1 says:

    After I left that comment, I read it back and I realized that came out unintentionally harsh (for lack of a better word), that wasn’t the tone I was going for, like I was jumping down your throat! Sorry about that! “What?!!! You can’t think of a situation where….”, ha! How obnoxious! Especially because I appreciated your videos and blogposts, enjoyed them, learned from them, and got much food for thought from them….that’s what made me leave a comment in the first place! Somehow I didn’t get it in all that verbage!

    Keep up the great work!!!! And thanks for the repartee! Thanks for not making such people feel creepy, and for making the effort to understand.

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  4. T1 says:

    You couldn’t think of a situation where a pubescent male would encounter girl’s feet? The classroom! You girls are incapable of keeping your feet still, or in shoes! I live in NYC, girls are always dangling their shoes, unconcsiously….but also flirtily (unconsciously flirtily). Anyways, there’s a cross-over with the “tickle fetish” you just did a video on. Because the soles are a ticklish area, it gets fetishized by some tickle fetishists. So I already had that….and so I remember being in typing class, I was put in there in 7th grade, but all the girls were juniors and seniors, and just being relentlessly teased by girls slipping out of their shoes, or dangling their shoes, flashing their soles….no wonder why I flunked so many classes and had to go to summer school!!!

    It’s a part of the body that has alot of nerves and gets a reaction when it’s touched. Girls spend half their lives beuatifying their feet, picking out shoes, they sit in the subway and study their pedicures when they’re alone, they get together and notice and comment on each other’s feet and shoes……but a guy does it and it’s “eww, you have a foot fetish”, never understood it. Our whole culture is obsessed with the butt, which to me is basically a garbage can, I don’t know why that doesn’t get more “eeeew”.

    Lastly: you were right. There are MANY types of foot fetishes, not just one. There’s guys that get into dirty feet or smelly feet. That’s not my thing at all. I like them pretty, elegant, clean, soft. But we all get lumped into together, like a bunch of freaks. It’s pretty depressing.

    It’s not about ONLY appreciating the girl’s feet, it’s about ALSO appreciating the girl’s feet. It’s about loving the whole girl.

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    1. I never thought of it that way, about how many women pay attention to their feet but the moment a dude does it’s “You’re weird!” And you make a great point that it’s interesting that people don’t find butts less appealing. It probably has something to do with the shape though, since a women’s hips and butt have curves that men evolved to find attractive. The curves signify puberty, letting males know she is fertile. 😉


    2. But to clarify, it’s not that I couldn’t think of a situation where a pubescent male encounters a girl’s feet, it’s that I couldn’t think of situations where a pubescent male is regularly encountering girls’ feet *while also having random erections*. That’s what Classical Conditioning is about, when a neutral stimulus (in this case, the feet) is repeatedly paired with a potent stimulus (in this case, erections), leading to a sexual response to the previously neutral stimulus thereafter. Meaning, the feet elicited no sexual response until they were repeatedly viewed/fondled/etc while also being sexually excited for other reasons. I was saying I don’t believe Classical Conditioning is responsible for most foot fetishes, and it seems like many guys agree b/c their stories illustrate that the attraction to feet was innate and already present when they began noticing feet in the first place.


  5. Dave says:

    Wow I wish there was an answer b/c I’ve been looking 1 for a long time. My 1st recollection was when I was about 7 or 8 and stared at older girls (8th graders) who at the time wore flats that showed toe cleavage! I’d always enjoyed tickling also so that may have had something to do with it.. Your u tube video was very good. But ask the question why are some guys leg men or breast men or butt men? Altho I’ve had this preference for feet it has not been a condition for a relationship i.e. I was more interested in the person not just her looks.

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    1. Thanks, Dave! You’re not alone, a lot of dudes with a thing for feet shared their first recollections of noticing feet (under my video) and most of them mention being in grade school.


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