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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever felt intense jealousy over a lover’s attraction to someone else?

Did it make you horny or did it make you angry?

If the former was true, you might have a cuckolding fetish!

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Vid Thumbnail 7/29/15

2 thoughts on “What Is a Cuckolding Fetish?

  1. Hi Seth, thanks for sharing!

    If you visit the comments below my video, there are a bunch of guys who share their experiences with it.

    I think it can backfire if one person feels pressured to do it, if both partners don’t have a thorough and honest discussion about what they want, if they don’t commit to a set of predetermined rules, and when they have unsafe sex.


  2. Seth says:

    I have a cuckoldig fetish. My wife knows and we have started role playing in bed. She said she is not interested in doing it for real, which is fine, for now anyway. I may be unique in this fetish for the reason I feel like I can be both the submissive man who watches or knows his wife is fucking other guys, but I can also be the dominant lover that would in the fetish scene be categorized as the Bull. I would interested to know if any of your viewers have tried cuckolding and it did not work out at all. Did it backfire on them and how and why. Thanks

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