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If you’ve never heard of a ballbusting fetish before, click here to watch this week’s video on my YouTube channel!

If you have a ballbusting fetish, please share your insight as to where you believe it evolved from. It’s a fascinating and disturbing sadomasochistic act, and I love to learn straight from the horse’s mouth about these things. I understand masochism, and why someone might desire being dominated sexually, but CBT is a whole other thing. Please enlighten us!

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my videos!

Liz LaPoint


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2 thoughts on “Ballbusting Fetishes: Nutty or Not?

  1. No Way says:

    Alright so referring to your ballbusting video, im kind of outside the realm of what you are discussion in the video, though alot of what you say make sense. First off ill share this, since i was born ive enjoyed ballbusting, but juts liked seeing other men get hit, i used to protect mine religiously, about the age of 15 i found a girlfriend that i got to start using my fetish on me (now im 22 and still with her 🙂 ) Anyhow we have made some videos and such and ive met ppl who range from wanting to see men be hit in the balls to guys who seek to be castrated through the fetish. And i was on anti depressants at 12-14 years old for other reasons (i didnt even consider my own ballbusting fetish at that time) and i dated a girl that enjoyed hitting men in the balls regardless (found out later) but under the anti-depressants i was able to take so much more punishment to my balls, im very light compared to what i was back then. I dont seek to cure it, and am quite proud of it but have met men who see it as a life ruining disease. Just thought maybe it would be of interest to you!

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  2. Giving a whole new meaning to every time someone “I’m just busting balls here”

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