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As I’m sure many of you are aware, there’s been a movement of women who have been outspoken in their criticism of comic book artist’s illustrations of female characters. They feel ignored as a demographic when they see their favorite female characters drawn in sexually-suggestive ways and wearing skimpy uniforms, while fighting in impossibly acrobatic poses.

I weigh in on the controversy in this week’s video 😉

Click here to watch Comic Book Art–Sexy or Sexist?

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Liz LaPoint

video thumbnail 10/28/15

video thumbnail 10/28/15

4 thoughts on “Comic Book Art–Sexy or Sexist?

  1. It’s funny because if anyone has ever seen any of Milo Manara’s work, of which there is a ton, they’d know that the Spider-Woman cover is one of the more tame pieces he’s ever done. I think that when it comes to art, it’s okay to not like something and you should voice your displeasure with your dollars. Don’t like an artist’s work? Don’t buy it. Think something is offensive, don’t purchase it. I’ve been protesting tons of artists for years by not spending one cent on their work (Like Rob Liefeld, whose lack of skill as a draftsman offends me way more than ridiculous proportions, back-breaking poses, unrealistic breast physics, etc.). There are tons of big name comic book artists out there who draw women without objectifying them (Sara Pichelli, David Aja, David Mack, Fiona Staples, Stuart Immonen, Adrian Alphona, and so on) so consider buying their books instead.

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    1. I know right?! Manara’s been known as an erotic artist for a long time. And I don’t understand why so many people don’t understand that it’s okay to not like someone’s art, but it’s ridiculous to try to change the artist’s vision/craft/etc. With very few possible exceptions, like actual abuse (remember the artist who caused an uproar for starving a dog as part of his exhibit?)

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      1. I do not remember that but yeah, maybe be outraged at that and not “this drawing is not to my liking”. Protesting erotic/cheesecake artists like Manara, or Frank Cho is just pointless. ITS WHAT THEY DO!

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      2. Exactly! Too many people wasting time and energy showing misplaced outrage.

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