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“Christy” asks: “My husband and I have been slowly becoming aware that he’s a cuck over the last 11 years. It started as a Dominant style of cucking, him sharing his naturally submissive wife with other men, sometimes watching, often he wasn’t even there, but I reported back dutifully to Daddy. One or two events turned the tide, though, and after I had him drinking out of a spent condom we knew there were changes coming. I’ve learned to be very good at Domming him when we are alone, over the phone, or via emails. We’ve also dressed him in panties, and have had another man in the room as our Dom. The panties worked well, but having the other man there made me revert back to my more naturally submissive role, which is as the slutty woman who just loves to fuck and is distracted by that, hence not paying enough attention to my cuck. The question I have is whether as a natural submissive I can be the Dom he needs? Is there training for me? I realize every couple presents their own unique set of needs and circumstances, as does ours, but I want this to work for him. We don’t live a Dom/cuck lifestyle…this is just for additional sexual mileage and we love it together. Can you advise me? I would really appreciate anything you might be able to suggest.”

Liz says: It doesn’t sound to me like you need any training, “Christy”! You mentioned you’re good at being the Dom he needs when you’re “alone, over the phone, or via emails”. This isn’t about needing to learn how to be dominating with him, because you’ve clearly got that part figured out, but more about needing to know how to maintain that role during sessions with a Bull. But I’m a tad confused because you mention the Bull was there as a “Dom”. Of course you reverted to a more submissive role with a Dom present! But if you and your hubby plan for future sessions where the Bull is not taking a dominating role, then I understand your question more.

But first I have a question for you: has your hubby ever complained about you reverting to a more submissive role during his cuck sessions? Has he ever shown disappointment? Has he asked you to be more in control of both him and the Bull? If not, maybe nothing needs to change at all. Since you don’t mention that he’s complained about your “naturally submissive” side, it makes me wonder if this is even an issue! Is it possible he’s happy simply seeing you fuck the Bull?

If it is something he’s asked of you, then here’s my advice: recreate the same dominating games/language/energy during your cuck sessions by being mindful of your role and behaving as if you own the room and the men. Repeat whatever you do that your hubby enjoys in private, while also cuckolding him. Basically, you need to be an actor and pretend that room is your stage. Of course, you need to have a thorough conversation with your man about what is okay and make sure that the Bull is okay with everything too (which you probably already do since this isn’t your first rodeo). And maybe wearing something more authoritative will help you maintain a dominating role? There’s a reason a Dominatrix usually dons sexy but intimidating “uniforms”!


Hope I could help, good luck and have fun!

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