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Hi guys!

This week’s video is about one of the lesser-known fetishes, one that might surprise you. This topic was suggested by one of my YouTube subscribers and I was happy to oblige, especially since I found it fascinating from a psychological point of view. If you have this fetish, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Liz LaPoint


2 thoughts on “Titillagnia, One of the Rarer Sexual Fetishes

  1. T1 says:

    When I was about 4 or 5, my mom’s friend (who was about 23 years old and really pretty) was goofing around with me and I started to tickle her. At that moment, she burst into laughter (looking even prettier) and for that moment, I wasn’t a little kid, but a “man”, a guy, it was something flirtatious. Whenever I was attracted to a female, I had the urge to tickle them, or see them tickled. As I got older, tickling was part of flirting, and in fact, that’s what it always was. To me, it never had or has connotations of childhood. It always has meant what goes on with a man and a woman! In movies, if they want to signify something naughty going on in the other room, what do they do? They put a girl’s giggling in.

    The attraction is this: 1.) it’s tactile. It’s touching, and not just touching, but perceiving, paying very close attention to every nuance of the body. 2.) The girl looks gorgeous getting tickled, she’s moving and writhining and going through 10,000 snapshots of beauty….slow-motion a girl getting tickled, you’ll see what I mean. 3.) She SOUNDS beautiful. Who doesn’t like the sound of a girl’s sexy laughter? Listen to the beginning of your clip! It’s so pretty! 4.) It’s interplay. It’s intimate. And after it’s over, you girls will often kiss us! Now why is that?

    Some girls hate it, but some girls love it. They feel “conquered”. It makes them feel feminine. And it makes the tickler feel masculine. You hit it on the head though: it’s not like you’re causing the girl pain. Not interested in causing pain at all.

    To be honest, I’m surprised this is such a proclivity that makes people wonder….it seems so fundamental to fliriting and getting to know a lover…..I’m not going to sit here and belittle other people’s tastes, but I don’t see how getting aroused when playing around with a girl on the couch is weirder than people wanting to whip another person, or something like that. I mean, tickling kind’ve creates an endearment and affection.

    Anyways, hope it helps.

    PS: There’s another weird part of the thing for many “fetishists”….the word. It’s a hot word coming out of a girl’s mouth! Just hearing a girl TALK about it is a big turn-on for many, I’m convinced it’s just the sound of the word. A girl once was talking about it to me and then suddenly said, “What a cool word: ticklish”…..

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    1. Wow, what great insight! I understand what you’re saying. It has occurred to me that if tickling is so innocent, why would most of us be immediately suspicious and jealous if our significant other was tickling someone of the other sex? Most people would feel like there is an attraction there, and the tickling is just an “innocent” way of showing it. Thanks for sharing!


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