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I hope you all had some happy holidays, religious and non-religious alike, enjoying your favorite foods and favorite people. My family and I had a relaxing time (except when my 4 year old son assisted me in the kitchen making cookies–totally not relaxing).

This month marks one year since I started The Naked Advice, and it’s been an insightful, fascinating experience. My blog and channel continue to grow and evolve, as I’m always open to change and improving where I can. Looking back on the first video I made (click here to watch) it is obvious how much has changed (goodbye grainy laptop recording!). Plus I created a Facebook Page for The Naked Advice (click here to Like My Page!).

I couldn’t have done any of it without my inspiring husband Terry. He gives me wise advice, films & edits my videos, helped design my blog, and gives me undying support and encouragement. He’s the most hard-working man I’ve ever known, and I’m lucky to have him in my life.

So, share with me in the comments below what your New Year’s Resolutions/Aspirations are for 2016. I aspire to complete my memoir, exercise for abs of steel, and to actually say the compliments that pop into my head more often 😀

I look forward to everything 2016 brings! Thank you for reading, subscribing, tuning in to The Naked Advice’s YouTube Channel, and entrusting me with giving you advice. I adore all of you!


Liz LaPoint

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