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“Smokey” wrote: “Hi I have had a lifelong foot fetish and I’ve also had a lifelong pedal pumping fetish. Pedal pumping fetish is where a girl wearing sandals or ballet slippers pumps the pedal of an old smokey car, the older the better. The more you can see the poison exhaust flowing from the tailpipe the more I am turned on. And here’s my fetish is that I want to be tied off and placed underneath the tailpipe as the girl using her sandalfoot pumps the pedal and exhaust to my face and lungs. I know how dangerous this is but I have no control over this fetish. Remarkably the few girls that have asked to do this to me have had no problem with it in fact I actually enjoyed it. The reason why I am telling you all this is because I’m scared that I have found a girl in Brazil online with very old cars n her condominium who’s dying to do this to me. She wants me to come there she wants to tie me up then she wants to pedal pump exhaust fumes into my lungs, she’s not kidding. She has showed me videos of her in sexy sandals pumping exhaust fumes into a teddy bear that she put right behind the exhaust pipe she even taped my name on it. You don’t have to tell me how dangerous this is and I do know that this is also a turn on for me because I know she’s hurting me with the object of my desire which is her sexy feet and sandals and ballet slippers if you could help me at all with this I would appreciate it. I’m a male in my forties thank you. PS I’m not joking about this and I have no control over this, I’m starting to scare me.”

Liz says: I’m scared for you, too! What you’re describing isn’t some harmless kink– it is so perilous it can lead to your death.

I know you said I “don’t have to tell you how dangerous this is”, but you might not be aware of all the risks involved, so click here to read this detailed article on carbon monoxide (CO2) poisoning.

It’s so risky for these women, too. If you died while lying there, she’d  either be arrested for helping you die/killing you, or she would do something crazy with your body to avoid prison. Yikes!

You need to seek immediate help from a professional who is experienced in sexual issues and paraphilia, someone like psychotherapist Rob Peach. Visit his website by clicking here. If a sexual desire is so obsessive/compulsive that you are willing to risk your life, you need to seek help ASAP. Do not visit Brazil to see this lady you talk about!

Clearly, there’s a sadomasochistic element at play here, with your desire to be tortured by a woman. Many people enjoy this role-playing in fantasies that come to life, but they do not usually do so in such life-threatening ways. The goal is for you to learn how to appreciate the role of masochist without actually putting your life and health in danger. Also, is it possible you are battling depression? With some people, depression leads them to seek more exciting/dangerous activities in an effort to feel “alive”, and some men with depression have reported their fetishes have diminished after taking anti-depressants.

Please get help for this potentially fatal fetish. Do not give up hope! Change is possible.


One thought on “He Has A Dangerous Fetish

  1. Rob Peach says:

    Smokey: I’m glad you wrote to Liz and I concur with her response. If you aren’t feeling in control and are worried you might act on this urge, please give your passport to a trusted friend RIGHT AWAY so you can’t leave the country until you’ve done some treatment. It’s pretty safe to say that if you need to leave the country to have a fantasy fulfilled, it’s probably NOT going to end well. Stay safe!

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