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C.S. wrote:Hey Liz, great blog, it really helps a lot. My question is does testicle size really matter to a girl? I am 6’4, a good size and my gf and a few exes always stated that my balls are very small compared to the rest of me and that semen amount matters when it comes to testicle sizes. She also stated white men have larger testicles then blacks.

Liz says: My guess is that they only appear smaller than usual in relation to your body size. This article (click here to read it) states that the average testicle (not scrotum sac) grows to be 2-3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

It turns out smaller testicles do produce less sperm. A Professor of Andrology says: “how many sperm a man produces is largely down to how big his testicles are. The bigger the balls, the more sperm a man will produce.” (Click here to read the full article)

This doesn’t mean that every man with smaller than average nuts will struggle with infertility, however. Dr. Charles Lindemann (click here) says the average ejaculate contains anywhere from 180 million to 400 million spermatozoa, and producing less than 20 million is considered infertile. But it only takes one to impregnate a woman!

I don’t think testicle size matters to most chicks. I’ve never heard a friend complain about her man’s nuts, I’ve never read an opinion piece in which someone says they dumped someone because ball size matters, and Missy Elliot didn’t write a song about how she don’t want no “small sac man”. In short, more women care about penis size, and even then, it doesn’t usually matter.

I couldn’t find anything confirming the assertion that black or white or brown or pink or blue men have smaller or larger testicles. We can either chalk it up to your girlfriend’s personal experience or she’s just repeating something she’s heard.


2 thoughts on ““Does Testicle Size Matter To a Girl?”

  1. FnFluv2fuk says:

    My girl spends a lot of time fondling my nuts. Hours a night she grips and tugs and squeezes and rolls my balls around til we fall asleep. She says my big heavy balls are her favorite part and that she has always loved guys with big balls.

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  2. Anecdotally speaking: I have balls and no woman has ever made any comments about them other than to acknowledge they exist. In my experience, women just don’t care about your balls dude

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