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J.V. wrote: “I have a belly button/stomach fetish. I love women’s skinny flat bare bellies. I can stare at them a long time. I also like to watch this video I found on YouTube of 50 pretty girls stepping, walking, jumping on one guy’s belly. They take turns and it gets me so turned on. The girls are laughing and clapping as each girl steps or walks on the guy’s belly. The prettier the girl the more I get turned on, and if the girl has brown or dark eyes it is better too. I love girls’ pretty hands and fists too, especially videos of girls making a fist and punching a guy or girl’s belly. Sometimes I think I am abnormal. I do want a normal relatonship with a girl or woman someday though but most girls proably wouldn’t like my fantasies? Maybe they would though, Idk.

Liz says: I don’t know how violent those videos are, or whether you fantasize about being in the guy’s place or if you just get turned on watching the action, but it sounds like you’re turned on by female domination.

In any case, keep this in mind when it comes to finding a “normal” relationship with a woman: if you share these fantasies with her and she has no interest in playing them out with you, that’s understandable since causing someone pain isn’t for everyone, and it sounds dangerous anyway. I’m all for people having fun with their kinks but this one could be physically damaging, depending on how forcefully you’re hit and how often I suppose.

But if you find a girl who is open to doing it and she’s not busting your organs apart internally, then great! In other words, you have nothing to lose (except a judgmental girlfriend who’s wrong for you anyway if she calls you crazy, or a spleen if you’re punched too hard) by sharing your fetish with her.

One thought on “He’s Turned On By Punches in the Abs

  1. faiz says:

    i really like it what you are doing keep it up , i always got abused by girls , they always laughed at me because i told them i wanted to be their slave but no one did it , i always wanted someone to behave strict with me and be my boss , maam can yu please be my boss


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