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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

So in this week’s video I delve into why it is mostly men who purchase soiled/unwashed articles of clothing from strangers. Do men have a better sense of smell than women, or are they just more easily aroused by bodily aromas? Why don’t women enjoy sniffing a man’s sweaty gym shirt as she masturbates?

Click here to watch!

The whole topic leads me to ponder the feminine hygiene companies. Girls and women receive the message that their nether regions are “dirty” and therefore need to buy special products to keep from offending those around them. Now, just like any other body part, inner and outer labia can become malodorous if not washed regularly, but the problem is females have mistakenly assumed even just their natural scent is smelly and many women become self-conscious about their partners giving them oral sex as a result. Many young women can’t relax and enjoy oral attentions because they’re too concerned that they’re smelly “down there”.

If you don’t shower for a week, or have an untreated STI or yeast infection, then yes, you might emit a funky odor “down there”. But if you practice healthy hygiene (meaning a shower, not douche/feminine powder/feminine sprays/etc) then your partner will most likely enjoy your natural scent!

Click here to read about a woman who might have died from her habitual use of feminine talcum powder (apparently there is strong evidence it is linked to ovarian cancer). And medical experts have warned against using anything internally to clean the vagina, like douche. Who is still buying that crap that companies still make it? Whenever I see it on the store counters I wonder this, as it’s common knowledge that it is at best unnecessary, and at worst, can fuck up your vaginal eco system leading to yeast infections.

Ladies, men love your bodies as they are, so stop worrying and enjoy the cunnilingus.


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