The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

N.P. wrote: “I know you are good at giving sexual advice and stuff so I had a question, well more like I need some advice I suppose. I haven’t technically tried giving head or anything yet but I’m going to try soon I think. Me and my bf have been making some plans and I have been doing some research.

Everything I’ve read/heard about from friends have been that the bj part is kinda easy to learn once you start and everything but apparently the swallowing part is like difficult/problematic?

Everyone I know that I asked said it tastes horrible and stuff and that you should never swallow. It’s kind of been making me nervous about the whole thing. I kinda wanted to try it but now I’m kind of worried you know?”

Liz says: Semen tastes awful. It’s like a cross between sour milk and skunky coffee. Most of my female friends have admitted they never let their men ejaculate in their mouths, and based on the way they describe their experiences I’d be willing to bet they’d rather participate in the world’s longest gang bang than ever swallow.

That said, your boyfriend’s semen can taste different according to his diet. It can be less sour/skunky if he eats fruit and drinks fruit juice and avoids alcohol, meat, or anything too bitter. Click here to read all about that. And I hope your boyfriend is either a virgin or he’s been tested because if he has a sexually-transmitted infection he can easily pass it on to you. Read about oral sex and STIs here.

But don’t do anything that you’re not fully comfortable with yet, no matter what he eats or says. You’ll enjoy oral sex more if you wait until you’re ready, when you’re truly excited about it. If you’re hesitant, but do it anyway, you’ll probably have a bad experience and then write off BJs forever.

But if you are excited to try it, then just go with it and don’t let concerns about taste keep you from enjoying it, because he can warn you when he’s about to orgasm to give you time to pull away first, or you can simply spit it out in the bathroom and brush your teeth.

By the way, I hope he’s planning to return the favor!



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