The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Hippie Lover wrote: “Hi, thanks for your amazing blog! You do a great job of answering questions in a positive and non-judgmental way! So, my question: How should I go about telling my wife about my kink/paraphilia? I’ve become very fascinated with women who are natural and unshaven (pits, pubes, upper legs) and want my wife to accommodate this desire. I think she has a good idea already b/c we’ve talked about it. She’s very open-minded but the biggest obstacle I forsee is summertime. Thanks!

Liz says: This one is tough. On one hand, she might enjoy having one less chore to do in the shower, but on the other, if she’s uncomfortable having fuzzy arms, pits, and legs with her summer dresses, how does she make herself and you happy? Plus, anything having to do with appearance can be tricky, because you don’t want her to feel insecure, like you’re unhappy with who she is now. If she came to you with a suggestion to dress differently, for example, would you feel like you’re not enough as you are, or would you not take it personally and just oblige her desires?

You won’t know for sure what she’s exactly comfortable with until you are forthcoming about your fantasies, and be open to compromise when you do have that chat. Maybe she will stop shaving her pubes but not her legs or armpits, would that be a turn-on? And maybe there’s something she’d love to see on you, like a clean-shaven face or a braided beard 😉

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