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“Ed” asked: “What do most girls think of facials (when a guy shoots his cum all over her face)? What percentage of girls do you think are ok with this?”

Liz says: I’m going to take a wild guess that most chicks would rather be chained to Ted Cruz’s radiator than take a splash in the face. For one, chicks usually wear makeup. Since semen isn’t exactly a makeup-setting rosewater mist, it will in all likelihood ruin her exquisitely-applied makeup artistry. Second, unless she gets off on being humiliated/submissive/used, she will find it degrading. That’s part of the appeal for the guy, right? It’s a dominating act, otherwise where’s the appeal of the facial over simply cumming into a rag? Third, unless she’s sure he’s free of sexually-transmitted infections, getting it into her eye is a risk for getting infected.

You see women getting “facials” all the time in porn, but porn is fantasy, not reality. There’s a lot portrayed in porn that is fulfilling a specific fantasy, in which all the players are acting. A lot of younger men mistakenly assume that because all the actors in porn are enjoying a particular act that it can then be extrapolated to the entire gender. Some people have a difficult time differentiating between fantasy and reality. Anyway, whatever you do, don’t ever surprise your lady with a shot in the face. That’s just wrong and will make you a douchebag.

That said, I’m sure there are some women who enjoy it for the degrading aspect I mentioned above, or simply don’t mind it because they enjoy making their man happy if that’s his thing.


4 thoughts on “What Do Girls Think of Facials?

  1. cpmandara says:

    I swallow. What MORE do they want? 😉 Seriously, I get it from the BDSM aspect… but if I was a young bloke, I don’t think I’d be trying it without a discussion first. Not if I valued my reproductive bits, in any case.

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  2. I’ve never once met a girl who specifically wanted a facial, but I’ve met a few who were ambivalent about it. I think you’re more likely to meet a girl who would rather you ejaculate in her mouth than on her face.

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    1. Guy Hogan says:

      Liz, I’m an old man; but I’ve given facials to three women in my life. And you know what? They all asked me to do it. Now women watch porn, too. So, I guess these women (two were girlfriends and one was a one night stand; and one girlfriend I was titty fucking so I guess to cum on her face was a natural progression) wanted to find out what it was like. I always thought the facial was degrading to a woman; but for some women it’s part of their sex life which they do voluntarily. But I understand that most women want nothing to do with it. Oh, speaking of titty fucking, maybe you could do a video on titty fucking; how many women enjoy it or just do it to please the man.

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      1. Suggestion noted 😉


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