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L.G. wrote: “I have a stomping and pounding fetish, is that weird? If I see a girl sit down in a chair and she’s attractive with pretty feet, I’ll be waiting for her to be kicking her feet and banging the heel of her foot on the floor, or slapping the bottom of her foot on the floor, like she’s acting like she’s in a step show and stomping or something. If it’s a girl I know and I see her do it all the time, I imagine her doing it when she’s not around hoping I see her do it next time I’m around her.”

Liz says: If by “weird” you mean different, atypical, and uncommon, then yes you’re weird. Out of the 800+ stories and comments shared on my foot fetish video from last year, I think only one other dude mentioned being turned on by this. But if you mean “weird” as in “Does this make me a creepy sociopath?” Then no, you’re not weird, unless after you witness the stomping you follow her home and watch her from afar and start cyberstalking her.

I suspect you’re turned on by the fantasy that she’s stomping on you? In other words, you’re a masochist? Maybe this is an extension of a foot fetish for you, and that extension is wanting to be dominated by her and she uses her feet as a tool to make you submissive. Otherwise, I have a hard time seeing what’s so attractive about these particular motions with a girl’s feet.

How common is it for girls to do this, by the way? I find it strange that you make it sound like it’s an everyday occurrence. You describe something that sounds like dancing while sitting. It seems odd.


One thought on “He Has a Stomping Fetish

  1. Lee gaines jr says:

    I dont think it so much that just to watch her do it the sound it sort of like if a girl playing her flip flops dangling her alot of ppl like to see her playing with her shoe or her feet being active


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