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Boot Lover wrote: “When I was about 16 years old I realised I had a “thing” for women wearing knee high boots. There was one girl at school who did, and it’s not as if she was someone I lusted after or the one that every guy wanted. She was nice, and I realised that I liked her just that little bit more when she had boots on.

Being a teenager and a typical one at that, my thoughts turned to the idea of a girl “keeping them on”. My girlfriend at the time didn’t have a pair and didn’t like them so that didn’t happen. Frustratingly, it never happened during my time at university either. And, many, many years later, it still hasn’t happened.

It’s gone through several phases of getting to me. At first I assumed it would happen, then I started wondering if all the girls I knew had done it, if the guys I knew had had it. But when I was about 20 it turned a bit. I liked the idea of a woman wearing them for a guy who isn’t me. I guess I saw women in clubs, wearing their knee high boots, and I got all excited at the idea that they might go home with a guy and keep them on.

My very active imagination took it a bit further. I loved the idea of a woman doing that and then telling me about it…. she tells me, inside I’m am getting jealous as hell but I have to try and hide it. If I don’t hide it and she catches on, she’ll notice. She might make fun of me, or full on humiliate me, or think it’s weird. But if she did notice and quite liked my reaction…. what if she let me touch the knee high boots she kept on? I would be on my knees, shaking with nerves, hoping to hear all about it.

I liked that thought more and more. It’s not a full on cuckolding fetish but I know it’s moving towards it. I love the idea of a woman casually suggesting that I could buy her a pair, which in itself would be great fun, but I get to buy them knowing she won’t be wearing them for me. I imagine the excitement of receiving a message from her saying “Hey, my boyfriend LOVES the knee highs you bought me ;-)” and the torment and torture I would be feeling inside, knowing there was nothing I could say back to her. Or she could make fun of me for it with “Hey, how does it feel to know my boots have seen more sex than you have recently?”

I’ve got a very active (and to be honest, quite a fucked up 🙂 ) imagination which over many years has gone through so many kinks, fetishes and scenarios but this one is always there. The odd thing, I think, is that it’s for a very particular style: leather, just below the knee, snug fitting, high heels, long zips up the inside leg. That’s it. It’s like an instant trigger to opening up a more submissive side to me. Latex, PVC, “dominatrix style” boots, thigh highs, flats, wedges, ankle boots– no effect whatsoever. But that style really eats into me in an instant. The right woman wearing them could consume every thought and wrap me so far around her little finger I would be stuck there.

I know it’s a common fetish in itself but I don’t think the way I take it on is common. Any thoughts would be appreciated! I love your open style and honesty, even with things you don’t relate to from your own interests.”

Liz says: What you’re into is a lot more common than you think! Everything you fantasize about: the boots, the humiliation, the cuckolding, it’s all a part of Female Domination, and there’s a whole community devoted to the men and women who are aroused by these dominant and submissive roles.

A lot of men who fantasize about being humiliated and submissive have very specific types of feet and footwear that turn them on. Some prefer painted toes and high heels, others are only aroused by worn, sweaty shoes.

Just don’t make the mistake of assuming you will never find a woman who can be the Dominant you’re looking for. A lot of men hide this part of themselves and marry women who don’t know their hubby’s true sexual desires, and then they wind up cheating with professional Dommes. Don’t be a cheater. If this is something you’d love to fulfill with an intimate partner, decide that the one you choose to partner with for life should be (at the very least) non-judgmental and open to trying your fantasies. 😉

This is your life, you get to choose how you want to live it! As long as no one (including yourself) is getting hurt and playing the role of a subservient man makes you happy, don’t let anyone make you feel shame for living how you want to live.


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