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L.M. wrote: “I have a thing for feet. There is a teacher in her 40’s, she helps me out by stopping the bullies for me (I get bullied for a different matter even though people found out about my foot fetish and bullied me for a while, it stopped). I love what she has done for me, she wears open toe shoes/sandals and I never really liked her feet because they were old and wrinkly (she wears nail polish on her toes, mainly red) but now I love them and I want to tell her. I got a way to tell her.

I’ll say to her: ‘I feel comfortable telling you everything and I would like to tell you a secret that has been bothering me for a while. Is it alright if I write it down on a statement sheet and give you it? But I hope this stays between us because it’s really personal.’

Then I’ll write down that I have a foot fetish and recently I’ve been interested in her feet and I would like to smell, lick, kiss, suck, massage and nibble on her feet, but she’s married so I don’t think she will allow that, but that would help me get over feet and if not can she help me by giving advice on what to do.

So shall I say that to her in school?
What shall I do?
How do I do it?”

Liz says: There’s nothing shameful about having a “thing for feet”, just like with other guys who might find different body parts sexier, but there are still appropriate and inappropriate ways to express those desires.

This is less about her feet and more about her being your married teacher. In other words, it doesn’t matter if it’s her feet or bum you are most attracted to, she’s your married teacher, so that means you keep your distance. Do not tell her in any way that you want to do anything with her feet!

It’s normal to develop romantic feelings for someone who shows care for you (like she did defending you against bullies). We’ve all probably had a crush on a teacher at some point! But telling your teacher you want to do things to her feet could result in misconduct charges or some other action against you.

So I suggest you find a way to distract yourself from your teacher, by engrossing yourself in your hobbies and schoolwork and finding a girl your own age to date who will enjoy your foot massages 😉



One thought on “He’s Hot For Teacher’s Feet

  1. Russ Boyd says:

    Buddy, you think you had problems before! Listen to Liz, there are plenty of single girls your age who would let you play with their feet.just find them!

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