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Sam wrote:I have been watching some of your videos on Youtube and I wanted to say that I am a big supporter on your work on the foot fetish, in particular (as I am privy to that particular fetish). I just wanted to ask you for your advice on presenting my foot fetish to a girl that I like.

I must confess that I have always thought it a little bit peculiar myself, but, since I completed my University degree, I have become more open to the possibility that it might not be as taboo as I originally thought.

Generally, I am quite a shy and reserved person; I like to keep to myself and I find it quite difficult to open up to people, particularly emotionally. I have, therefore, struggled when it came to telling girls that I have a foot fetish but your videos and those of others, I must admit, have really helped me to be more comfortable with the fetish that I have.

I would be grateful if you could share any advice you may have on telling a girlfriend, or a potential girlfriend, about my foot fetish.”

Liz saysI’ve never had a boyfriend that had a foot fetish, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but when I imagine how it would probably be best for a guy I’m dating to bring it up to me, I would want him to talk about it with me as soon as he felt ready to, but preferably before we’ve been sexually active (otherwise I might wonder if he even enjoyed the sex we already had if it didn’t involve my feet).

Keep in mind I’m a pretty free-spirited, open-minded person, so I’m not easily weirded out by things like this. But if your girlfriend is more conservative, she might need more warming up to your fetish in the form of a lot of information on it. In other words, don’t just spring it on her during sex, have a frank discussion where you can answer her questions first.

Make sure to be specific about what you do and don’t like doing in the bedroom with her feet, because she might automatically envision things you have zero interest in doing. Then ask her what she enjoys too, because a healthy sex life should fulfill both partner’s fantasies!



4 thoughts on ““How Do I Tell Her About My Foot Fetish?”

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    It tends to be that if someone is attracted to us in the first place then they tend to be ready for us. In that I mean they see enough of the real person that might be expressed by the softer or more tender parts of our expression. As long as the girl isn’t discovering that she’s hooked up with someone whose tastes are criminal or the like. In that case it’s not really sexual though it may be using sexual practices to play out the person’s maligned and harmful shadow. I got together with a woman once who claimed to not use drugs only about a month into the relationship I found I had got together with a very smart and dangerous addict. Likes and dislikes are spoken about at the start. Lying about those things at that stage will be the real problem

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    1. jason says:

      I confessed to my wife 2 days ago I have a foot fetish.she accepted it.I told her all the things that I love about her feet,how nice they look and how they feel.all she said was don’t neglect her pussy.I love her for’s such a weight lifted off me,I’ve been carrying it around for 14 years.TELL YOUR GIRL HOW YOU FEEL.IF SHE REALLY LOVES YOU SHE WILL UNDERSTAND.

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  2. This is great advice! Most people need a bit of a warming-up period before you dive into the details of your fetish, regardless of the fetish. Specificity is key, because your foot fetish (or any fetish) can be completely different from what your partner may be envisioning when they think of it.

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