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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

“Matt” wrote: “I just found your channel. After looking over a few of your video titles it sounds like a pretty interesting channel. I’m looking forward to watching your videos.

So I have a question for you: every female now owns a pair of yoga pants, right? Sure, when they first came out they were a turn on for me. I mean what guy wouldn’t get some sort of turn on by them?

I don’t know if I’ve become immune to them after seeing them on everyone everywhere or if it’s just me being less of a perv but they are actually becoming annoying to see in public now.

I’ve been wanting to ask a female this for a little while now and figured after seeing your channel I thought you would be the perfect person to ask…

I don’t know if you own a pair or several pairs of yoga pants but from your point of view, if you’re wearing a pair of these “pants” in public and you catch a guy staring at your ass or legs do you A. feel flattered to have a guy stare or sneak a peak at you or B. do you think he’s an absolute perv?”

Liz says: It’s perfectly natural to look at attractive people and admire their style and physical features, but some guys get the message that glancing at someone’s assets makes them a “perv”. There’s nothing perverted about admiring from afar someone’s sexy arm tats, or chiseled biceps, or perfect bum in yoga pants.

But like with anything else, context matters. Were you:

  1. Admiring women in yoga pants through binoculars across the street from a yoga studio?
  2. Not looking away when she caught you staring at her ass?
  3. Following the ladies around, to continue ogling them while they shop/walk?
  4. Snapping pics of their bums without their consent for your private jerk-off collection?
  5. Hitting on them by saying “Hey girl, you look mighty sexy in those yoga pants” and then calling them bitches when they rejected your advances?
  6. “Bumping” into them to cop a feel?
  7. Calling them sluts and telling them they’re “sinners” for wearing yoga pants?

Simply noticing an attractive person and being turned on by their appearance doesn’t make you a pervert, it makes you horny (and horny isn’t synonymous with perversion), but anything from the above list would certainly make you a creep.

I think most women (myself included) would find it flattering to see someone admiring them from afar, as long as none of the above was accompanying it!

VS yoga pants

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