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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

“Ben” wrote: “Hi Liz, I’ve got a few questions and hopefully you can help me out with them 🙂

1. Ballbusting: I’m into ballbusting but only videos of people doing it. I’ve always wanted to do it with my girlfriend but I’m scared it will hurt too much and also scared that when I ask her she will be freaked out by it, so any input on that would help a lot.

2. Panty Sniffing: When my girlfriend stays over she normally leaves her dirty clothes here when she goes out, so I always masturbate to her underwear. Is this normal??”

Liz says:

1. You should be scared it will hurt too much! That’s a natural concern, as it’s healthy to want to protect your family jewels. So why can’t you continue enjoying the videos while not participating? Not every sexual fantasy needs to be experienced (nor should every sexual fantasy be experienced!) and it seems to me your hesitancy is a good reason not to have your nuts kicked. But if your fear ever subsides and you happen to be with a woman in touch with her dominant side, then perhaps it would be something to try.

2. Yes, it’s normal to be aroused by your girlfriend’s natural aromas.

Keep on keepin’ on 😉

Stomach Cramps


2 thoughts on “He’s Scared It Will Hurt Too Much

  1. Ball-busting and CBT are two different things, but I would suggest he read “Family Jewels” by Hardy Haberman. Also there is a great scene in “Kink” the documentary about, that shows ball-busting, like most porn, is just acting. Keep up the great work Liz.

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    1. Good to know! I will be watching that documentary 😉

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