The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

I’m Confused wrote: “Hi Liz, I am a crossdresser and have a fantasy about giving a guy a blow job while in a dress. I consider myself straight but this fantasy is overtaking my mind. What should I do?”

Liz says: This is a pretty common fantasy for straight men who enjoy being sexually submissive, although I’m not sure how often it’s actually played out. There are a lot of things that can be hot in fantasy but in real life would make us cringe. So what you “should do” depends a ton on your level of experience and comfort.

For some hetero men with this fantasy (whether or not they crossdress) they’re aroused by being in the submissive (female) role, to the point that even servicing another man is part of the fantasy. Many will allow that fantasy to remain a fantasy, and others will experiment (with varying results).

But there’s also the possibility you’re not totally straight or cisgendered. So what? 😉

male model wearing dress

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