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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

S.T. wrote: “Hi, I watched your YouTube video on belly button fetishes. I have always had a fetish for stomachs and navels. It has ruined my life. It has made dating hard for me and  I feel like I don’t fit in. Do you have any advice for me? I feel creepy having this fetish how can I change my way of thinking? I want to be normal.”

Liz says: Dating is hard for most people, but add a sexual fetish to the mix and it can be extra difficult. Learning how to embrace your fetish while also maintaining a sense of balance and perspective is the key. It doesn’t have to ruin your life!

Do you feel creepy because that’s how your love interests treated you? Or is it because you’ve internalized shame from how society views fetishes? Or do you do legitimately creepy things, like trying to get your female friends and coworkers to show you their navels and then cooing about how sexy they are?

It’s about not letting your sexual desires become your identity, not letting your fetish become an obsession, but also not burying it in shame. It’s about balance!

Your sexual proclivities might be atypical, but you’re probably “normal” in many other ways. Focus on all the things you do have in common with dating partners, but also look for someone who will embrace what turns you on, or at the very least won’t treat you poorly after learning of it.

But if you still want to change your “way of thinking” and want to be “normal” there are trustworthy, sex positive counselors who can help you. Psychotherapist Rob Peach (click here to visit his website) is one of them!

Keep in mind, you have the power to live the life you want to live. There is hope! 😉

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One thought on “His Fetish Makes Dating Difficult

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    I don’t think you need to beat yourself up too much mate. You aren’t doing anything illegal or disrespectful to anyone. If someone doesn’t want to know about you… forget her. You’ve done nothing wrong that I can see and you probably have a lot to bring to a woman in addition to good sex. Enjoy

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