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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

M.D. wrote: “Let me start by saying it’s been really refreshing and comforting to watch such an intelligent, open-minded and attractive woman address such “taboo” subjects. Your videos are fun, informative, and liberating.

Through watching some of your videos and reading your website you have already addressed my fetish to some degree. I love wearing panties and socks. I love women in panties and socks as well. What can I say, it turns me on. Your halo socks and panties shot at the end of your used panty video, that’s a major turn on for me. No bras, dresses, make-up just panties. I have no sexual attraction to other men and I don’t like being dominated. I love the comfort, materials, and a bit of the naughty and rebellious feel of it. Plus it simply arouses me. I’ll go for a couple of days at a time wearing panties then lose the impulse and wear “guy” underwear most of the time. I myself am finally OK with accepting this quirk of mine and have indulged in buying my own panties so that I may live out this part of me confidently. This though is where my question starts coming in. How can I possibly find a girl that is attracted to this fetish?

Are there women who are attracted to this fetish? How do you meet like-minded fetish partners? My panty wearing is very private. I couldn’t imagine the embarrassment I’d go through if it was revealed in my social life that I wear panties. Me writing to you about this is the most human contact I’ve even had about this subject. I am single right now, but this part of me is always in the back of my head when dating, as I’m sure is the case with many other people and their fetishes on a first date. What is your advice for me linking up with girls who like men in panties? What is the best way to reveal something so possibly and most likely shocking? Thanks for letting me ask these questions that have tumbled around in my brain and I hope you get to address this question because you bring such an informative lightness to all of the questions you’re asked.”

Liz says: I had no idea where someone with a panty fetish could find like-minded singles to date so I did some research, MD. I figured there have to be some dating websites that cater to specific interests, right? The first thing I discovered was that you can search for people interested in “panties” (among a million other things, I’m sure) on the dating site Plenty of Fish. Click here to check that out.

Let me ask you something: how important is it to you that your partner also be aroused by your fetish? I ask because your particular fetish doesn’t necessitate a partner’s participation, unlike most others that do. If the fetish requires a partner’s excitement and participation, it can make or break a relationship whether or not the partner is okay with the fetish and wants to join. In other words, would you be happy with a woman who doesn’t necessarily get aroused by your panty fetish but at least doesn’t judge you?

There’s always the option of focusing on finding a woman who is compatible with you in every other important way, and is a sexual free-spirit who wouldn’t judge your fetish even if it doesn’t get her excited. And since you’re interested in keeping your fetish private, this might be the way to go anyway. If you take this route, I would wait to share it with her after you’ve gotten serious and are monogamous. Be ready to dispel any misconceptions she might have about it, too. You could start the conversation by saying, for example: “There’s something that I like to do that turns me on, but don’t worry it’s not illegal or anything. I waited to share it with you because I was worried you might judge me.”

Good luck and keep me updated!



2 thoughts on “How Can He Find A Girl Who’s Into His Fetish?

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    If one were already wearing women’s underwear…. would there actually be much need to go out and get a girlfriend? Too many cocks spoil the broth?


    1. Tiny pecker says:

      I wear panties because my cock is less than four inches and the panties make me feel sexy

      Liked by 1 person

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