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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

R.L.G. wrote: “My girlfriend knows I have a fetish: I like my dick being stomped on, trampled on, and stood on barefoot. But I’m not sure how to ask her. How do I tell her I want to feel my balls crush under her feet?”

Liz says: You mean she knows but hasn’t offered yet? Maybe you just haven’t made her angry enough 😉

Seriously though, you tell her the exact same way you told me! Perhaps during the next make-out session, when you’re both horny and more open to experimentation, you could tell her to do what you want and see how she responds. If she’s seriously disturbed by it and has no interest, now you know. But there’s a chance she will have fun with it, so it’s better to just go for it by asking her.


6 thoughts on “He Wants His GF To “Crush” His Balls

  1. gg158 says:

    You have to introduce it to her softly. Ask her if she ever kicked or kneed a guy.
    She will most likely say, “No”. But, there might be a good chance she always wanted to.
    Teach her slowly and start with basic techniques. She will begin to like it, most likely.


  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Sorry. I will go back to watching X files. Love your work though when it is people expressing themselves sexually in the manner of it being the greatest gift for coming to this material realm. Sad you aren’t doing YouTube anymore

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  3. Joe V says:

    Yup. You’ll rarely get what you don’t ask for.

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  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Just another one that is pretty hard to handle. With some of the things they ask you I can only wonder if the travel agent got asked about package deals to Guantanamo bay. It is probably the best place to find a girl who will do some of these things for them. If they were committed in the mental health system in the 90’s they may have gotten some similar treatment too I guess. Being tortured in reality is no game for those of us who have survived state authorized psychopaths


  5. Coyote from Orion says:

    Liz… anything happening on Springer lately?


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