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V. wrote:I am an engaged male in my thirties. I like going to porn theatres to masturbate with other men around. It is thrilling to me and I get very turned on listening to the other men and seeing them jerk off.

I have told my future wife and she is ok with it. Am I a perv, I feel dirty about this. 
Advice please !!! Thanks.”

Liz says: I find it interesting that you seem unconcerned with the possibility of being arrested for indecent exposure. Going to jail for this is a big deal and could result in having to register as a sex offender, depending on your state’s laws.

But are you a “pervert” for being turned on by other men doing the same thing you are? No. I suspect that the reasons you feel “dirty” about it are because you’ve either:

A) internalized homophobic messages

B) you feel some sort of guilt because it feels like cheating on your fiancée, even if she says she’s okay with it

C) you’re feeling conflicted about your sexual orientation

D) all of the above

There’s nothing wrong with you for being aroused by other dudes masturbating, but it’s not worth getting arrested for. Instead, maybe when you look at porn at home you can imagine your theater experience 😉





14 thoughts on “Guy Wants To Know If He’s A “Perv”

  1. Julianna says:

    I have a friend that also likes to watch other men masturbate. I’m not sure if he’s confused about his sexual orientation or what.

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    1. V says:

      I am not confused been with men before

      But something about that environment turns me on

      Thanks Julianna

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    2. V says:

      Before I was in a relationship I also had a female friend her and mastubated together all the time

      I guess I just really enjoy watching people pleasure themselves

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      1. RedSportsCar says:

        I couldn’t agree more… watching someone pleasure themselves is very HOT. Definitely a voyeuristic aspect to it, but it’s just fun watching the other person’s facial expressions, often the vocal interjections, etc.

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  2. v says:


    BTW the way you are a beautiful women and I saw some of your photographs which are amazing. Your husband is really good

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  3. Joe says:

    If you really enjoy this you should get together with a group that does Enjoys the same as you do. I know where I am there is a group that meets twice a month in NYC. These guys and girls love to JO in front of others and sometimes they may lean You a hand. I personally jo in parking lots. I got caught but knew people so…


  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Have a think about it in your own time. No need to hurry. There’s no finish line. Enjoy the journey. At least you can admit a sense of proprietary.


  5. v says:

    I don’t really understand your reply about expensive schools and culture.

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  6. Coyote from Orion says:

    I went to the most expensive boy’s private school in this country. This reminds me of the culture there. Good luck.

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  7. V says:

    Did not know you could get arrested for this.
    Thank you for advice!

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    1. V says:

      So do couples who like having sex in public. If they get caught have to worry about sex offender laws?

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      1. Yes! It has happened.


      1. V says:

        I took your advice
        My partner and I put a porn in of mostly men masturbating. And I jerked off for her it was pretty hot.
        She watched me cum and mastubated after I did
        Thanks for advice!

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