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Josh wrote: “Is it normal I like cumming on women’s faces? I know it’s something kind of “invented” by the porn industry, but I find it very satisfying. Not all woman are into it, but there is something about seeing my load all over a woman’s face that really turns me on. I truly have respect for women & believe in equality, but do you think I might secretly like “degrading” them for a small amount of time?”

Liz says: It sounds like you enjoy being dominant, with a tendency toward being aroused by humiliation. What’s interesting is that what turns us on is often not indicative of what we feel or believe in real life. It’s common to be aroused by sexual activities involving domination and submission, but to not be dominating or submissive in other ways. Sometimes there are even things that arouse us in fantasy but would disturb us in real life. It’s also normal for you to be a little confused by it; many people have a difficult time reconciling their sexual fantasies with who they are typically.

It’s often said that it’s the Type A Personality who runs 3 businesses who privately enjoys paying a Dominatrix to make him submissive. Or the person who fantasizes about a prison guard forcing a prisoner to do sexual “favors” would be totally horrified in real life if they saw that happen. Many of the things we find sexually arousing are only arousing if they remain fantasies and are never actually acted out. In other words, you might enjoy doing something degrading in the bedroom, but would never do anything that degrades or humiliates a woman in real life. It’s common for both men and women.

So as long as what you’re doing is consensual, you’re normal.human-minds


9 thoughts on “He Respects Women But Secretly Likes “Degrading” Them

  1. RedSportsCar says:

    Interesting question! I’ve long enjoyed glazing other areas of a woman’s body (boobs, tummy, bum, etc.) and think it’s very sexy… never really considered that ‘humiliating’ at all.


    1. v says:

      I think they where talking about where he likes to cum on her!


  2. Julianna says:

    As long as he doesn’t get it in the eyes or hair… 😉

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  3. V says:

    My girl loves when i cum on her it is her choice. Not so sure why someone might view it as gross if someone enjoys it


  4. Stan says:

    Pretty disgusting. I think you have issues. I can’t see anything in that which respects the woman.


    1. Did you even read my response? I think I explain it pretty clearly.

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    2. Joe V says:

      Son, it’s okay to dislike someone else’s interests, and even be find them disgusting, but judging someone because of their interests is a little too far.

      As far as the respect issue, I don’t see anything here that indicates that Josh is doing this, or wants to do this, to nonconsenting individuals. If someone is willing and wants to receive a specific action, there isn’t any disrespect by performing that action to/for/with that individual.

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  5. Coyote from Orion says:

    Didn’t present too much of a problem for Bill Clinton.


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