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Great question! Thanks for inspiring me to blog about this 😉

My husband and I have had this discussion many times. We have concerns, like any decent parent does, about our child being bullied for having the audacity to be born to free-spirited, artistic parents. It’s not because we see anything wrong with posing nude for photography and other forms of art (or pornography for that matter), but because we are aware of the vast numbers of ignorant, sheltered, judgmental people there are and the small-minded views they pass down to their children.

We are also vegetarians and wonder if he’ll have to deal with stupid jokes and ignorant attacks as much as we have in the past. Just like anything else that runs counter to cultural norms and doesn’t conform to expectations, there are going to be people who enjoy berating/bullying/ridiculing/ostracizing those who are not exactly like them, instead of embracing differences and wanting to learn from them.

Your question implies that you see something wrong with nudity, but perhaps that’s not true and you’re simply wondering. But your statement that it would be “worse” for our kid’s friends to discover the nude photographic art (young kids shouldn’t have unfettered access to the internet, so I’m assuming you mean teens) implies you think the friends would absolutely tease him for his parents being totally in love and producing images that happened to include nudity (my husband is my photographer, in case you didn’t know). I’m hoping he befriends good kids and not bullies.

How did supermodel Cindy Crawford handle her Playboy magazine spread after she had kids? Or the countless other photographers, actors, and models who’ve either photographed the nude form or posed in the buff for various magazines and had children later? I’ve noticed some celebrities who’ve achieved success from producing movies/art/songs meant only for adults go on later to create things their children could watch/look at/listen to.

Bottom line: Live the life you want to live, because people will judge you no matter what you do.



4 thoughts on “What If Your Kid Stumbles Upon Your Nudes?

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    More worried about my future girlfriends finding them. Lol

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  2. Susie Gronski says:

    Amen sista!! Great post! >

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