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K wrote: “Me and my girlfriend are very young (I’m 21 and she’s 20) but we have been dating 5 years and we have already dabbled in a swinger-ish cuckold/hotwife relationship for about 2 years now.We both love it but now she wants to fuck my best friend (which is crazy hot to both of us) so how do I tell my bestfriend I want him to fuck my girlfriend and it not be weird? Lol”

Liz says: I imagine it would probably be easiest to bring it up to him next time you two are hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere and you can talk in relative privacy. Casually tell him that she wants to be with him for a night and you’re more than okay with it. Be forthcoming with your feelings and reasons and what you and your girlfriend want out of the experience. How he responds will tell you how to take it from there.

I don’t know how close you are to your best friend, but keep in mind the possible consequences. Humans produce a hormone called oxytocin when we have sex (and when we hug each other or share meals together) and it’s responsible for helping us feel connected emotionally to others. It’s one of the reasons we often fall in love with those we have sex with (even when we assume it will only be casual) so there’s a chance your girlfriend and/or her partners will develop a bond. The only reason it’s worth noting now is because you are involving a close friend. Many couples who enjoy non-monogamous relationships have a rule of only having this kind of fun with people they’re not close to or have other connections with (like co-workers, etc), to lessen the risk of emotional attachments. But with your best friend, whom I assume you and your girlfriend probably see on a regular basis, there’s a greater chance of repetitive hook-ups and resulting emotional attachments.

When you have that conversation with your buddy, keep these things in mind so if he shows interest you can go over rules and concerns. I’m guessing you’ve already done the same thing with your girlfriend but if not make sure you discuss this fully with her before even bringing it up to him.

Good luck!

Two Guys and A Girl

6 thoughts on “When You Actually Want Your Best Friend With Your Girlfriend

  1. Depressed Anon says:

    Any advice for someone who doesn’t want to deal with a cuckold fetish? Who feels like it has an unhealthy influence on their life and interferes with their relationships, self esteem, and would like to be rid of it?


    1. Write me a detailed letter by clicking on Ask Liz and I will get to your letter as soon as I can


      1. Depressed Anon says:

        Done! 🙂


  2. RedSportsCar says:

    I thought Liz’s answer was very thoughtful and on-the-mark. I’d add that if it’s ‘just’ a totally separate ‘sleep-over’ and not an actual 3-some, the potential for emotional attachment is higher, in my opinion. Totally dependent on the personalities, of course. Personally I’m completely biased because I find the image of an attractive female in the ‘spit-roast’ position very, very arousing, with rational thought temporarily going out the window…

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  3. Jay says:

    Sounds hot. Good advice form Liz. Good luck to you, your partner and possibly a 3rd individual 😉

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  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Has this girl got a very high libido? Usually at that age the girl just does it anyway and the guys aren’t overly aware mainly due to alcohol, men not communicating naturally or about anything important, and in many an inherent stupidity does it’s job. Maybe this girl is cruel which suggests a big future. High school sweethearts getting married has always made me sick a little in my mouth. My father and I are chalk and cheese though having been a professional sportsman he discouraged my brother and I from getting too attached on any singular relationship as teenagers. My folks said that comes later in life with experience and focus on studies and sport or being healthy. I thank my parents for this still.
    Sounds like this girl is moving on. They grow up quicker. It is a clever ploy to play 2 quantifiable and associated values in the landscape off against each other (involving 3 elements due to the time factor) and she will be gone. Women can find it hard to be direct and sometimes they get tored of having to be when we should get it.
    We are not that bright sometimes. Still I look after myself and I am always happy to lift heavy stuff 😅😇😏

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