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Frank wrote: “Do the giantess and foot fetish fantasies normally go hand in hand?”

Liz says: Yes and no. From what I’ve gathered from my studies and reading hundreds of viewer’s stories (written in the comments section of my foot fetish vids and my macrophilia vids), both have something in common: they’re about a masochistic desire to be submissive, to worship, to bow down to dominant women.

While most of the men with a thing for women’s feet (who comment on my channel and write me letters) don’t also share fantasies that include giantesses, many men who fantasize about giant women do express fantasizing about being crushed under the giantess’s feet or kissing her feet. So they don’t always go hand-in-hand equally.

There are many kinks and fetishes that often co-exist. Some men with a ball-busting fetish also have a foot fetish (they’re aroused by the dominant female’s feet kicking them) and some men who enjoy bondage also have a thing for leather. We could go on all day with examples, but every individual is different 😉




2 thoughts on “Do Macrophilia & Podophilia Usually Go Hand-In-Hand?

  1. Coyote from Orion says:



  2. pedrofellini says:

    There are so many crossovers with fetishes, though I’ve always found it interesting how you so often find the same ones grouped together. Giantess and feet, giantess and vore, giantess and crush. For me it’s shrinking, female supremacy, feet and crush.

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