The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Bill wrote: “Have you heard from anyone with a Keds or Converse fetish? Would enjoy hearing your take on it in one of your YouTube pieces. And yes, I have a Keds and Converse fetish.”

Liz says: I have not heard before from anyone who specified brands like you have, but certainly from guys who specified which style of shoe they’re into. So I guess in your case, you like the laid-back, non-sporty sneaker style that Converse and Keds provide. Perhaps those are the shoes that were popular on girls when you were younger?

I’ve heard from several men with a foot fetish say they prefer flats on women, or high heels and boots (the guys that are more submissive and get turned on by dominant personalities seem to like what boots and heels symbolize), and some who said they love any shoe that shows her feet and toes the most. Is it about feet for you too, or are you really just into the shoes?


PS: Sorry I couldn’t devote your letter to a video for my channel! I don’t make new videos anymore, but thank you for watching and writing me 😀

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