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Steve wrote: “My wife gave birth 5 weeks ago. Obviously we haven’t been sexually intimate since and now she too is feeling… repressed lol. The thing is, things are still rough down there, and she asked how I feel about trying anal sex. I am super eager to try this, we’ve never done it and it’s a huge fantasy of mine, but I’m wondering if it’s safe to do for her now and she’s too embarrassed to ask her OB (a male). Thoughts?”

Liz says: As someone who has given birth and remembers how “rough down there” it is for long after the recommended 6-week no-sex rule, I am leaning toward suggesting you two should wait to have anal sex.

For starters, one of the concerns with anal sex is that fecal bacteria can travel toward the labia and urethra, causing infections, and it’s even more important to avoid this after giving birth. Especially if your wife had an episiotomy, that area needs to be kept as clean as possible for optimal healing. In other words, having anal sex could cause an infection, and besides her pain and suffering, could push the date further away that her Ob/Gyn gives the clear for resuming intercourse.

An additional concern could be hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are more prone to developing them, and anal intercourse could worsen them.

So I’m going to suggest other sexual fun you can have more safely, like oral sex and hand jobs 😉


3 thoughts on “Is It Too Soon To Try Anal Sex After My Wife Gave Birth 5 Weeks Ago?

  1. Guy Hogan says:

    It sounds like you’ve done your homework. But then you’re a professional. I’m a big fan. Love you—-

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    It’s not too soon to kiss the ground and say thank you for the greatest blessing a couple can have. Take it from someone who will never know because several doctors cannot say sorry… or whose parents can never be grandparents because when his brother’s body was found several police couldn’t be bothered doing their jobs.
    I couldn’t care less if I never had sex again. Being a man means we have the privilege of treating women properly and protecting them and all children regardless of whose they are. Let the lawyers split hairs over definitions.
    Congratulations and you have my blessings that your gift from the universe should have a great life beyond us all.

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