The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Liz: “In your book, Stripped Verses, you mention that too many people still hold onto myths about naturists, like that you’re all “swingers”. Why do you think people can’t separate nudity from sexual behavior?”

Anthony: “I believe that during the beginning of our early lives we are conditioned by our peers and the media to see the world in an artificial surrounding. I also think education and ignorance play a role in that too.”

Liz: “The last 2 lines of your poem “Solar Angel” are We are born naked, I’m an angel, this isn’t a sin. I love that. How much do you believe religion plays a role in our attitudes about our bodies and nudity?”

Anthony: “On a spiritual level I think nudity and to embrace yourself is important for the connection for the philosophy and foundation. If nudity is shunned in any religious text then I believe surely it isn’t an honest reality on their part. We evolved on this earth in our natural state of body and mind and it would be a denial if nudity was ignored. In Ancient Greek history a writer named Hesiod wrote a poem titled Theogony, which describes the origins of Greek Gods in Ancient Greek religion that they should sow naked, plough naked, and harvest naked if you wish to bring Demeter’s fruits. Demeter is the Goddess of harvest and agriculture whom presided over the crops, grains and the fertility of the earth.”

Liz: “What inspires you to write your poetry collection? How long have you been writing?”

Anthony: “I am inspired by every day life, past and present, future. An example of one of my writing patterns is that I begin with one word, a strong and simple word which will be my seed and the poetics that flow will appear into branches and the end result will be my tree of life and creation. I have been writing since I was a child and I officially published my work from 2010 onwards.  When I wrote Stripped Verses it was the most honest, healthiest, positive writing process I have had. The same process happened with Libro de Lumine. These collections I wanted to get inside the readers mind and make them think and question about the subjects and visions.  I have been asked recently by a theatre production company and a nude school if they could use Stripped Verses within their establishments. I was incredibly honoured and appreciated by that. It’s rewarding to help and change views and minds into a positive aspect of thinking while educating them with the truth for themselves and those around them to make their lives more confident and positive.”

Liz: “What does it mean to you to be nude, and what does it mean to be clothed?”

Anthony: “I sometimes forget I am nude. I have been used to the same way of life for a while now. I realise I am nude when I get dressed to go to the store. Sometimes I almost walked out the door and not realising I was in my natural state. I feel closer to myself and the earth around me. I don’t feel suffocated and restricted. The freedom to be in your natural skin is uplifting and rewarding to a healthy soul. I spend as much time as possible living nude. It certainly makes you happier too.”

Liz: “You live in the UK, and as an American I always get the impression people are more openminded and less judgmental there. Here in the U.S. there is a large portion of the country that still holds Puritanical views on sex and nudity. Have you ever visited the U.S.? Do you see a difference in attitudes?”

Anthony: “I have visited the U.S and I agree. I believe media and attitudes have affected the current situation about nudity. I think the congress in office need to listen and speak to the people more. There are some strong voices campaigning about various rights, etc… But I believe that strength in numbers and a strong voice can help change the future. Everyone needs to support each other and take a stand.”

Liz: “In the U.S. there are a number of people who will berate a breastfeeding mother in public. Puritanical views on nudity are so bad here that a mother can’t even use her breasts to do what they’re meant to do! Their views of nudity have been so perverted, they treat the breastfeeding mom like she’s the pervert! Breasts are feeding tools first, but these people only see them as sex organs. Does the same thing happen where you live?”

Anthony: “When I was a child it was perfectly normal and natural to see public breastfeeding but recent times with ignorant and judgmental attitudes have affected and conditioned the outlook on these minorities. We must the only species that are judgmental, critical to our own people. You never see an animal be judged by living their natural way of life and no other species are judged or labelled. Our human race certainly needs to learn and educate.”

Liz: “Does everyone close to you understand naturism or have you had to deal with judgment from friends and family?”

Anthony: “Thankfully, I’ve never been through any judgement directly but each week I often make a point while campaigning about naturism.”

Liz: “What is your favorite poem you wrote and your favorite poem from another author?”

Anthony: “That’s a difficult one. I enjoy everything I have written. I hardly look back on previous writings because I like to focus ahead and put my energies into that project, etc… A couple of my all time favourite verses are The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe and Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.”

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“Libro De Lumine” (The Book of the Light)- Out Now!

“Stripped Verses”- Out Now!


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