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Dan wrote: “I have quite a few good looking female friends and while I genuinely see them as friends I have to admit something: when given the chance I find their dirty panties and sniff them. Sometimes I’ve even taken them home for later. I know I don’t see them as women I want to date, but for some reason I really get aroused from smelling the panties of women I know. So Liz do you have any insight on why I do this?”

Liz says: I think you are aroused by the natural aromas of women and you’re an opportunist. Easy access to your friend’s underwear means you’ll take what you can get when you’re not in a relationship.

Bromidrophilia is the technical term for being highly aroused by the natural body odors of attractive people. It’s harmless on its own, but many men have been caught breaking into women’s homes and stealing their panties for a home masturbatory collection. Which brings me to that part of your letter where you admit stealing your friend’s underwear. My concern is that you might become emboldened by getting away with that and graduate to stealing from strangers or other women you know. There’s nothing wrong with what turns you on, but there’s something wrong with theft.

I know you specified that it’s the panties of “women I know” that you enjoy, but given the illegal way you’ve been obtaining them have you considered getting used panties from women selling them online? Try It’s a website for people over 18 years old who want to sell/buy items that eBay won’t allow them to, like used panties.

Keep in mind, many states will prosecute stealing someone’s underthings as a sex crime and you’ll be forced to register as a sex offender. It’s not worth it.

There’s also the option of admitting to one or more of your friends what turns you on and simply asking them for their panties. I know that sounds risky, but if you’re honest and even make fun of yourself in a way that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and you recognize it might sound “creepy” to them, they might surprise you! I’ve known men who’ve asked their female friends for stuff like that (a foot fetish guy often asks his female friends for their old shoes) and they’re not in jail or shunned. Win-win!

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3 thoughts on “He Has A Secret His Female Friends Don’t Know

  1. IsWho says:

    As a fellow dirty panty enthusiast I can understand Dan’s predicament. I would absolutely love to sniff my female friends panties and have been in the position where I could have but I refrained as I consider that consent is also key in panty fetishism. Stealing is always wrong, I can only imagine the feeling of violation a friend would feel if they found out you’d been taking their panties.
    Obviously I don’t think there is anything wrong with panty sniffing, it’s completely natural to be turned on by the pheromones a lady leaves in her panties and I wish that it would be more openly embraced in society but that might always be a pipe dream. I did broach the subject with a female friend of mine and whilst she wasn’t against selling panties, she was very much against someone she knew having them. So I can only echo Liz’s advice and seek out some of the amazing sellers on the internet. I’ve been buying for 8 years now and have never been disappointed!

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    1. Thanks for chiming in! I’m glad you offered up some wisdom


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