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Bobby McPuppet wrote: “I’m a big fan of yours. Would love it if you came back to YouTube. Anyways, I am a very submissive guy. Unlike most guys out there I don’t look to hook up with a girl. I respect them all too much that I generally don’t even approach them. I have several female friends, and they all have me figured out. They know I’m a pushover and will do mostly whatever they want.

My only sex life is watching humiliation clips online and buying things from “Princesses” off a site called ebanned. It’s an auction site that sells things that are “banned” on eBay.
And I buy the most ridiculous stuff off women there. From their garbage to stepped on food to their used flip flops or socks. I mainly do these things because I like to make women laugh. Specifically at my expense. They seem to get a kick out of seeing what stupid crap I will pay for.

So, I guess my question is: Do you think it’d be wise of me to try and find a real life relationship, given my attractions to being walked on and degraded? Or is it more likely a girl would use me for a while until she got bored and went on to something more vanilla? Should I just keep my desires to online long distance interactions?

Anyways, I think you’re a rock star and you’re hilarious too. Please keep it up.”

Liz says: Thanks Bobby McPuppet! I appreciate the kind words.

Now on to your dilemma. I find it interesting (but understandable) that you think it has to be one or the other, but not both. If you want a real relationship you can have that. It just means putting in the effort to search for the right woman for you, and learning how to be in a relationship.

I also find it interesting that you said you enjoy buying ridiculous items from these women because you like to make them laugh. Are you watching them laugh when they sell to you? Is this all happening on camera? Or is this something you imagine they do, like an evil villain laughing at their victim’s gullibility? In a real relationship you’ll get to hear that laughter all the time in person!

Here’s how you can have both: you and your partner indulge each other’s fantasies/kinks when the mood hits. You just need a lady who has dominant tendencies who will occasionally boss you around (and whatever else floats your boat) and in return if she wants to occasionally have a “normal” boyfriend you give her that side of you. With the right person and some relationship smarts this can work.

In order to find this chick, you need to get out of your head that not asking her out is being “respectful”. It’s HOW you ask a woman out that determines whether you’re being respectful. Smile, introduce yourself, and ask questions related to whatever you two have in common at the moment. At a coffee shop? Ask her what she enjoys drinking or if she’s tried their latest menu item (“Have you tried the Unicorn Frapp yet?”) You get the idea.

Being a more submissive man you feel it doesn’t come naturally to you to be the one who approaches first. Lucky for you we live in space age times where dating online makes it so much easier to be the one who initiates contact! Just be honest about what you want in a partner and who you are, that way you don’t attract women who are submissive and all wrong for you.

Good luck Mr. McPuppet!




2 thoughts on “His Only Sex Life Is Watching Humiliation Clips Online

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    My only concern with him getting a girlfriend is that she might post videos on the internet of her cuckolding him for him to watch… with a monthly subscription fee


  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Would it be possible to buy pocket lint from one of these ladies? 😁


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