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Steve wrote: “Hey Liz, you have provided me with great advice on more than one occasion. I’d love to hear more about you! If you feel comfortable sharing, what is your favorite: book, movie, tv show, food, beverage, alcoholic beverage, band, sex position.”

Liz says: Thank you! It is always wonderful to hear from anyone I’ve helped with my blog and videos.

Listing favorites is always a good time. So here goes!

  1. Book: I usually only read nonfiction, so my faves in that department are The Gift Of Fear by Gavin De Becker, Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn (whose writing is so good he’s turned me onto reading his fiction works, too), God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, and Committed by Dan Mathews. I haven’t read fiction since I was a kid (besides the new ones by Kirn that I’ve just started) so my fave fiction books are for kids. I remember loving Tuck Everlasting, James & the Giant Peach, and The Babysitter’s Club series.
  2. Movie: I don’t know how anyone can name just 1 favorite for every category. So as before I will be naming several! I grew up in the 80s, so comedies like Better Off Dead and Back To the Future were faves, as well as the Indiana Jones films and Eddie Murphy comedies. My fave scary movies are more recent, like Insidious, Get Out, Cabin In the Woods, and You’re Next.
  3. T.V. Show: My hubby owned the entire DVD box set of Lost and I never watched the show in real time when it was on t.v., so I binge-watched it over the course of a couple of weeks a few years ago. Lost was a fascinating show, definitely one of my faves. More recent faves would be Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, True Blood, Master of None, and Girlboss.
  4. Food: I love Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian, Italian, and Greek foods the most. I rarely eat standard American foods, even the vegetarian versions, like burgers and fries. I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan since 2001. I’m not much of a snacker, so I rarely eat crackers, chips, etc. I have a huge sweet tooth though, and ice cream is what I usually go for first when that craving hits!
  5. Beverage/Alcoholic Beverage: I stopped drinking alcohol probably 10 years ago now. It just wasn’t fun anymore. If it wasn’t making me feel gross it was making me sleepy. I’ve had red wine a few times though at dinner parties. I love a blend, like Algorithm, because they’re soft and fruit-forward. My fave non-alcoholic drink is a soy chai tea latte. Delicious!
  6. Band: Oh lordy who could name just 1?! So many awesome musicians to choose from. Older fave bands would be Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Hole, Tom Petty & Heartbreakers, Public Enemy (yes, rap “bands” count), Filter, Weezer, and Smashing Pumpkins. More recent: The Strokes, Coldplay, Muse, Escondido, Milky Chance. Of course there are about a hundred solo artists I love too. Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, to name a few.
  7. Sex Position: And for the one you probably scrolled past the rest to read, LOL, my fave position for a roll in the hay would be doggy style. And that’s all I’m going to say about that 😉


5 thoughts on “He’d Love To Hear More About Me

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for the response!! Lol I actually was equally interested in all of the other questions as the last (well not exactly but it was close).

    Lost gets alot of hate because of the admittedly unsatisfying endings but for alot of reasons i think it’s the best non cable show of all time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the last episode was slightly disappointing for me, but I didn’t have anything specific I was expecting so I don’t know why I was let down lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. RedSportsCar says:

        Ah, Lost… I was fortunate enough to experience Lost ‘in real time,’ often with friends, and we’d commiserate all week about the last week’s episode. I go both ways on the last episode… frustrating, yes, but also incredibly emotional with gorgeous music, and the acting between Jack and Kate at the aftermath of that outdoor concert… still sends shivers up my spine. Such a perfect scene.
        Thanks for the answers, and to the questioner for asking them! Very entertaining.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Steve says:

        Hmmmm if it was my birthday and I wasn’t expecting anything in particular i’d still be disappointed with dirty socks:) it was all the unanswered questions. In fact, when the producers were asked about these lingering questions, they said “don’t think about that, just think about how you felt watching lost “. In other words “fuck you audience, the show is over we got all of our money so screw your passion and curiosity “.

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Doggy style not a bad band either from the old skating days… when Henry Rollins was young. Lol
    Have a brilliant day L


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