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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Anonymous wrote: “I’ve just stumbled across your videos and blog. I’ve seen a lot on men wearing female clothing, pegging, cuckold, ect. I do all of these, but my wife has added a twist each month. When she is on her period she makes me wear an overnight pad the entire time until it’s over. She mentioned trying to make me simulate having a period with her. Have you ever heard of this? It did not seem possible to simulate anything past wearing the pad. Since I am her submissive I do what I’m told. I was just curious if I was the only one being made to do this or similar.”

Liz says: The only way to simulate having a period would be for you to apply fake blood to your menstrual pad occasionally, and to continue wearing it before replacing it with a clean one. I don’t think there’s anything else that could be safely done to simulate or replicate the rest of what we suffer through, like painful cramps and crying over a tub of ice cream while watching romantic dramas.

I’m sure you’re not the only submissive in the history of submissive men to be made to be like females in that way. But I have to say I find it fascinating that anyone would see having a period as a weakness or something humiliating. It’s the lifeblood of human/animal existence, a beautiful and fascinating part of the female experience, and enables us to go through an agonizingly painful event that would make most men crumble: pregnancy and childbirth. In other words, it takes a strong individual to handle all this, it’s not for the weak. Plus, isn’t your wife the superior/dominant one, so making you like her while she’s on her period isn’t denigrating you but elevating you to her status?

Perhaps it is embarrassing or humiliating for you not because anything female is seen as weakness but because it’s simply uncomfortable? As a man, you would not be used to wearing pads and so it’s more about making you do things you don’t want to or need to?

There are many cultures where menstrual taboos remain. While on her period, a woman is shunned and has to live in a “menstrual hut”, or she’s not allowed to enter churches/mosques, or she’s prohibited from touching males, or she’s prohibited from cooking food. It’s all absurd, but people have a difficult time letting go of traditions and myths. Maybe your wife could add to your experience as a “female on her period” by enacting these restrictions 😉


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