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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Christopher wrote:I was wondering if you had any advice about wearing girl diapers as an 18 year old boy, and how to tell your parents.  I also wanted to know how do I tell my parents that I want to be a female and not a male anymore.”

Liz says: Yes, change the diaper frequently or you’ll end up with a rash so painful you’ll be filling future diapers with ice. As far as your parents are concerned, it’s none of their business. Don’t talk about your private sex life/fetish life with your parents (even if you wear them for nonsexual reasons). It’s one thing to turn to them for guidance when you’re younger, or if you have questions about relationships and marriage, but once you’re an adult your fetish life should be private. It’s important to develop healthy boundaries as an autonomous adult.

Coming out to your parents is another story, however. I found these wonderful websites that may help you in this arena. Coming Out Tips from recommends writing a letter, And 8 Tips For Coming Out Trans from lists several pieces of advice.

For my readers who might be hearing about this for the first time (or for those who have heard of it but find it mysterious), here’s a great article that gives you the lowdown: Inside The Misunderstood World Of Adult Baby Diaper Lovers.

Good luck, Christopher, I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

Girl diaper w: ocean theme



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