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Mark wrote: “Hi Liz, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and reading some material on your site. I really like your take on a lot of things. With that said, I have a couple questions.

I’m a straight male who enjoys wearing men’s thongs. I think they are the sexiest thing and I love how they feel. I also think they’re excellent motivation to stay in shape. I am a pretty fit individual and this may sound silly, but I find that I have all this extra incentive to push myself because I need to look good in that thong. I also love that extra boost of confidence and feeling a little naughty because I am wearing something sexy under my clothes.

Anyway, I was wondering is it okay for men to wear thongs or is it too taboo? Will I be considered gay if anyone finds out? What would women think about a man in a thong? I must say that I haven’t seen a lot about it so maybe it’s not super common, but I’m just curious.”

Liz says: There are a lot of secrets and tips people have for motivation to keep in shape, stay sober, quit smoking, and all sorts of other things. For you, the motivation to stay in shape is helped by feeling sexy and looking good wearing thong underwear. More props to you! Of course it’s okay!

Women have varying opinions on men in thongs. Some will find it too feminine or “gay” for their tastes and will want to run for the hills (for the record, it doesn’t mean you must be gay any more than when women wear pants). Depending on how serious the relationship is and how important it is to you to continue wearing thongs, her reaction might be a deal-breaker for both of you. Some ladies will just find you hot and not give a rat’s booty what you wear under your clothes. And others will find you in a thong arousing because they think boxer shorts and tighty-whiteys are “old man” underwear.

I’ve heard from many guys through my YouTube channel and blog that are into wearing thong underwear and women’s panties for sexual reasons. Most are straight, some are gay or trans. And that’s okay, too.

You just keep being you 😉



6 thoughts on “What Do Women Think Of a Man Wearing a Thong?

  1. pepper7401 says:

    Love the article I love wearing thongs too

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  2. Joe V says:

    You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, don’t worry too much about what people think.

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  3. RedSportsCar says:

    I think that in the past, a statement like ” I find that I have all this extra incentive to push myself because I need to look good in that thong…” would have been met with derision from a lot of guys as a ‘feminine-sounding’ statement just because that’s a sentiment that HAS been associated with a ‘typical’ statement a woman would make. However, I also think (and hope) that a degree of ‘blending’ of the sexes will make sentiments like that seem old-fashioned, and that if it motivates you to stay fit and feel good about your body, then it’s a great thing. Confidence (not arrogance, but confidence) by both sexes seems to be a reliable attractant now as much as ever, so if something that largely goes hidden anyway makes you more confident, it stands to reason that it’ll also make you more attractive to others!

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  4. Mochael says:

    I think it’s great. Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable.
    I have been wearing panties for a couple years and love how they feel. No men’s undies compare! In fact the women who see me wearing them love it. When I go and buy them the sales clerk thinks it’s fine and helps me find nice ones. The silky feel and fit are so nice. Gay men don’t wear them. In fact, the majority of men who wear them are more educated.
    Many women wear men’s clothing and that’s accepted so wats wrong with men wearing panties especially if they make you feel better?

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    1. Joe V says:

      I’ve had the exact same experience with women loving that I wear panties. I know them all through a kink/fetish friendly site though, so that might have some influence.

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  5. Coyote from Orion says:

    Who cares as long as it comes off sometimes… in a manner of speaking 😅😄

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