The Naked Advice

Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Josh wrote: “Hey Liz, I love reading all your content. You are very knowledgeable and seem to give out the best advice. I do have a hypothetical question for you: I have a shrinking/ giantess fetish. What are some advantages for me and my girlfriend if I was to shrink down to maybe an inch tall or centimeter tall?”

Liz says: Okay, I can have a little fun answering hypotheticals, although usually hypotheticals involve the person who’s answering đŸ˜‰

For starters, she could easily sneak you into movie theaters! She could tuck you into her bosom or handbag, buy one ticket, and then you could crawl your way out of your hiding spot to watch the film with her.

You could crawl through her vagina like an explorer being the first to venture into a newly discovered cave. As long as you were nude and freshly showered, of course, to prevent introducing bacteria that could give her an infection.

She could employ you as her secret agent, spying on people and bringing back important information.

And you could take naps lying in between her breasts. I imagine that would be soft and comfy!

tiny man

2 thoughts on “Reader With Giantess Fetish Asks Me a Hypothetical Question

  1. ovenbreakeroutlookcom says:

    you have a rude and vivid imagination Liz I like lt


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