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Model & Writer Liz LaPoint answers your questions about dating, sex, and relationships

Chris wrote: “So I’m 22 and recently just graduated college. My sex life hasn’t really been bad with girls overall. I’ve had a good amount of different sexual partners, like 15 or so and have had sex many times and usually it’s no problem getting it up with them when I finally get there with them in the moment. But as I always find certain girls attractive, based on looks, personality, and whatever, I also just find feet attractive as well, like in addition to traditional sex and sex positions, but for the longest time I’ve been super insecure about it. After seeing your video about the actual defintions of kink and fetish I guess I would place myself somewhere in between, because I feel my thing sort of spans a range of different things. I’ve for the longest time jacked off to essentially foot worship of all sorts (it doesn’t matter, girl’s feet guy’s feet), so I question whether I’m Bi. But racing around in my head, I always come back to the conclusion of I would never want to be with a guy, like in any sense, it creeps me out. So what is it?

Also, I’ve always longed for a good relationship with a beautiful girl who gets my personality but would also (this being my question out of all of this) worship/lick my feet… I think with all the searching I’ve done in my head… I think that what I have as my “thing” is just sort of a G-Spot on my feet. Like the sensation of licking there turns me the fuck on and like that’s literally all it would take to have a good continuous sex life with a girl. I’m just so insecure about admitting that to someone I don’t really know at the beginning and then nervous as to whether they would accept that. Like from a girl’s perspective what do you think?

I’ve always been told by so many friends who are girls that I can get an absolute beauty of a chick, so after a while my self confidence has built and I believe that too, but there is just this as well. Also, this is just an aspect for the sex part of it, I too get turned on when I really click with someone. I have a really sarcastic, joking attitude a lot of the time, so when a girl is like that too, and then feeds it back at me, sort of making fun of me in a joking way, challenging each other, so that turns me on, too.

Anyway, my main thing is the foot thing I have and I would just be so grateful for an opinion from someone as understanding and open as you seem to be.”

Liz says: It’s actually not unheard of for people without foot fetishes to find stimulation of their feet in certain spots to be erotic, psychologically and physically. For you it’s like having a “G Spot” in your feet, in which stimulation is simply arousing, but for this lady in the Netherlands it led to her experiencing (unwanted, inconvenient) orgasms. A lot of people have non-genital erogenous zones, like when we are turned on by our partner kissing our necks or blowing into our ears.

You need to find a woman who is sexually free spirited, meaning open to new experiences and not holding conservative sexual views. She will be less likely to say “Gross!” and judge your desires, and more likely to give it a try. This is something you will have better luck with if you only share it with a real girlfriend, not a hook-up. Wait until your feelings mutually deepen before telling her you get super horny when your feet are licked, but don’t wait so long that she feels like you’ve been hiding your true self with her. If she associates feet with being dirty or smelly, ensure her you’d have them clean first.

You’re probably not bisexual, based on what you’ve said about having zero interest in being with men. Some straight men with submissive tendencies get off on being humiliated or treated as subordinate even by other men, because it feels extra humiliating when a man talks down to them or makes them lick their feet, for example. This might play a role in why it doesn’t matter if it’s men or women’s feet for you.

Don’t be insecure about this! It’s just one thing about you that some women will understand and others will not. Just be picky about who you deem worthy of knowing this tidbit of information and let the ones who judge you go. I’m not suggesting you dump a woman who loves you but just isn’t into it after having tried it, though. She’s probably still going to be a keeper! I’m referring to any woman who dismisses your desires as “disgusting” and isn’t willing to try it.

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2 thoughts on “He’s Scared to Admit To Girls What Turns Him On

  1. ahumadaengineer1941 says:

    I find women’s feet very sexy and like to lick their toes. it actually drives some women crazy with desire. I love it!


  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    It’s great when a topic comes up that I think I have all the points covered and you often bring one extra principle Liz that expounds my entire understanding. You’re a great teacher Liz and extremely adept at communicating certain disciplines. Only negative is that your YouTube stopped.
    Best wishes for this next week building into the full moon 😊😉


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