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Zach wrote: “Hey Liz, a couple months ago I found out that I have a wedgie fetish. I don’t know if it is the humiliation or the pain that I like about it, but ever since then whenever I’m alone I pull my underwear over my head or hang myself by my underwear to whatever is stable. Am I a freak for enjoying this? I have been addicted to wedgie fetish videos on PornHub lately and I am convinced that I’m insane for getting aroused by this. The only thing weird is that I’m 100% straight. Any advice?”

Liz says: You’re not insane (at least, not based on your desire to be wedgified like the bullied kid in almost every 80s teen movie). And it’s not weird that you’re “100% straight”, but I can understand why you’d be confused. It’s not just because it’s usually guys who are known to give wedgies. Plenty of hetero guys are aroused by having their anus stimulated, but because of homophobia they rarely admit it. Enjoying anal sex or other activities doesn’t mean you’re gay, being sexually and romantically attracted to men means you’re gay.

You say you don’t know if it’s the humiliation or pain that you like, but humiliation is dependent upon others to witness your wedgied state. Are you doing this in front of others? If not, perhaps you’re fantasizing that there’s an audience or a bully did it to you? If neither of those exist, it’s not about a masochistic desire to be embarrassed. So there’s probably something about the pain/pleasure that you enjoy.

Are you a “freak” for enjoying this? Yes, but not in a bad way!

As Missy Elliot said, “Get UR Freak On” šŸ˜‰


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2 thoughts on “He Loves To Give Himself Wedgies

  1. pepper7401 says:

    Love watching people get wedgies


  2. Coyote from Orion says:



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