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Maynard James Keenan wrote: “So here is the skinny. My girlfriend is a little smoking hot redhead and has for the better part of the year been telling me she wants a woman on board. This usually happens during bad girl/bad boy heated pillow talk. Now she occasionally points out prospects during grocery shopping extravaganzas. Should I be concerned?”

Liz says: Concerned with what? That she might be a Russian spy? That this is a sign she’s joined a polygamist cult? That she secretly loves Adam Sandler comedies?

Seriously though, maybe you’re thinking she’s bisexual, poly, or gay. Without more to go on, I say you should outright ask her what her desires are specifically and what they mean for both of you. You can’t move forward without an honest, open discussion. Just be sure not to initiate this conversation during “bad girl/bad boy pillow talk”. We all say things that are fantasy during those moments, you want to know that what you’re telling each other can be taken seriously.

If she wants to have an open relationship or just find a woman who wants to be a booty call for the threesomes you two want to have, I recommend discussing all the possible issues that could arise and deciding on rules together.

Good luck, MJK 😉



2 thoughts on “His Girlfriend Wants Another Woman On Board

  1. Sean says:

    Just maybe she’s like a lot of women who have these fantasies. Like my longtime lover who always masturbates to women pron till she has a wonderful orgasm.
    She refuses to say what she is thinking when she’s watching and masturbating and claims she would never do anything with a woman.
    I think this is normal and she’s enjoying herself and not hurting anyone.
    I would love to know what she is thinking and if she secretly would love to join a woman. I wouldn’t be threatened if she did as this would be part of her sexuality. Perhaps social stigma or her being with me she would feel like she was cheating. If she has those desires and would ask me I would giver her my blessings and still love her.
    Would love to hear other ladies take on her.

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    My cat won’t even let an insect in the house. I am owned by an unbearably cute Hannibal Lector.
    If you love something set it free.
    If it returns…

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