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Michael Qors wrote:Ever since I can remember, I have always been aroused by wristwatches. I become especially aroused when women wore them. I felt compelled to ask random women I saw in public places about their watch. I began to pay models to see their wristwatches. Then I began to pay them to lick them. I paid several models for pictures and videos of women licking their watches and masturbating. I prefer circular faced watches. I tried to think that this fetish originated from an attractive family friend of mine having a wristwatch but hers was small. I prefer bigger wristwatches, especially on women.

I buy all my girlfriends wristwatches and very strongly suggest they wear them. Sometimes I am too forceful but I am embarrassed about my fetish. What do you think about this fetish? What should I do with my future girlfriends/wife?”

Liz says: Before cellphones came along, wristwatches were worn by almost everyone. They were far more common when you were growing up, and had a purpose. Now, they’re worn mostly as jewelry and even then, it’s not very common. I sometimes see them worn as a statement piece, as part of an ensemble, and that statement is “I’m so important and busy that I can’t be bothered to dig out my cellphone to see what time it is. A flip of the wrist will tell me the time much more quickly.” I also suppose if you need to know the time but want to avoid appearing as if you’re distracted by your phone, wearing a watch will prevent that. Anyway, their rarity nowadays makes me wonder if you’d still have this fetish had you been growing up now.

Women’s wrists are dainty and slim, and for many, sexy. What I find intriguing though is that you prefer bigger watches. It’s like you want to detract from her feminine wrist by adding a more “masculine” object. Perhaps it’s the masculine symbolism of “powerful” that large wristwatches connote that you find sexy. Did your attractive family friend (or other women) often chastise you with the hand they had adorned with a watch? I suspect that female domination might be the underlying turn-on.

You haven’t mentioned if this has been an issue of contention in your relationships. How have past girlfriends responded to your fetish? Was it ever a reason for a break-up? Are you able to have sex with your girlfriends without the watch being the obvious focus? If you want to have a serious relationship or get married, but find that your love for time pieces causes a rift, you should consider seeking help from a sex-positive therapist (like psychotherapist Rob Peach) who can guide you in incorporating your fetish in healthy ways.

Clever alias, by the way 😉


woman's wristwatch




One thought on “Because You Haven’t Heard It All Yet

  1. Michael Qors says:

    I was never chastised by her but, you may be correct that it something with power. Female domination is something I am interested in. It has never been something that caused arguments or break ups. I imagine my partners wearing watches while I have sex sometimes but I am able to get off without thinking about them or seeing them. To this day, if I was to see a woman lick a big wristwatch I would instantly get an erection.

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